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27.08.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

Russian Light Industry at the Army-2018 Forum

On a recent in At the Kubinka international military-technical forum "Army-2018", 12 companies of the Russian light industry presented their products at the collective exposition of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.



The visitors of the exhibition were shown innovative fabrics, materials and insulation materials from manufacturers "Tchaikovsky textiles", "The whole World", costumes made of elastic and membrane fabrics with anatomical cut, made with the help of seamless production technologies and 3D design, from the brands "BASK", "DragonFly", "V-motion" and "DeAnGeand», personal protective equipment «East-Service-Special Kit» and «Energy contract».



In addition, visitors were able to see clothes and shoes that protect against prolonged exposure to cold with high humidity, from the company «FARADAY», uniform and special clothing forpower structures «CAROSPORT» and «DISTRICT», as well as accessories with fire-resistant and waterproof properties, designed for the army andspecial divisions, from the company «3R».

"Developments focused on ensuring the safety of special units and structures should not just have the necessary and up-to-date parameters, but should constantly be ahead of the products that are already presented on the market in terms of their properties and characteristics."nbsp;the modern market. Having seen the innovations that are being demonstrated at the "Army", we can say that the Russian light industry is really one step ahead

Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation


Source: "Rustextile"