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07.05.2018 | Лидия Соколова

Russian buyers choose MICAM

The popularity of the exhibition MICAM among wholesale buyers from around the world is confirmed by figures.60% of the event's visitors came from abroad. A total of 85 the exhibition season held in February at the Milan exhibition center Fiera Milano (Rho) was attended by 44,227 people. Which repeated the record figures of the 83rd season, in February 2017.



But there have been changes in the qualitative composition of visitors. The number of buyers from increased by 22%Russia, which again made the Russian delegation the largest at the exhibition. Visitors from Ukraine increased by 7%. Among the EU countries, the largest increase in t was shown by the delegation of Germany, which grew by 9%. Despite the fact that the number of visitors from France increased by only 1%. Due to the coincidence of the dates of the exhibition with the Chinese New Year, the number of visitors from China decreased. For the first time, the organizers also felt the consequences of Brexit, having seen a decrease in visitors from the UK from the statistics of visits. The number of Spanish and Italian visitors also decreased slightly.



The results of the MICAM visit statistics confirm its status as a unique business platform where visitors can learn about new development opportunities and where our Assocalzaturifici association members can offer their high-quality products, their creativity and many years of experience. And despite the problems of domestic consumption, when the market treats small enterprises in Italy rather harshly, it gives opportunities for growth in the international arena.

Annarita Pilotti , president of Assocalzaturifici


For several seasons now, the exhibition, following the wishes of the exhibitors, has been changing.Without reducing the quality of the brands presented, the organizers were able to make the exposition of goods not only more glamorous and attractive, but also more practical and convenient. Participants and exhibitors from all over the world gather here. Many companies choose MICAM to announce their new products.



85 MICAM season welcomed participants and visitors with a new format, which included many new thematic segments and categories of shoes and accessories. There it was possible to get acquainted with the developments of young designers who presented their models for the first time at such a high international level.



Much attention was paid at the forum to the issue of combating counterfeit products.All those present at the event were able to visit the exhibition "When shoes are not just not shoes: fakes and rarities" organized at Fashion Square in partnership with Confindustria Campania and Museo del Vero e del Falso is an association that demonstrates the beauty and quality of Italian shoes. There were shows of historical and modern shoes.


The fight against counterfeiting means not only the protection of products under the Made in Italy brand. Rather, it is the protection of everyone who works in the industry, from the cutter and the loader to the seller in the store. And of course the protection of the buyers themselves and the economy of the country as a whole.

Annarita Pilotti, President of Vocalzaturifici


The business program of the exhibition consisted of various seminars held by the organizers at WGSN.  And visitors and exhibitors were able to meet and have a good time at a special event held on the first evening of the exhibition  «Vanity in the center attention»,  with the participation of the world-famous artist Giorgio Moroder.


The next season will also take place at the Fiera Milano Exhibition center (Rho) from September 16 to 19 and will be dedicated to the presentation of spring-summer 2019 collections, strategically intersecting on the last day with the start of Milan Fashion Week.


Photo: Assocalzaturifici