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31.05.2024 | Амина Айзятова

Russian designers conquer the secondary market

For a long time after the withdrawal of Western brands from the Russian market, there was an increased tendency among consumers to purchase goods that were not available for purchase on the secondary market. However, now that Russian brands have strengthened their positions, the situation has changed.

According to Avito, sales of Russian designers in the secondary market for the period from January to March 2024 increased by 17% year on year. This indicator is significant, especially against the background of the overall growth of the retail segment by only 3%. Fashion experts believe that the shift in the focus of customers' attention is due to the growing recognition of local designers.

The new trend was also confirmed by data from the Second Friend Store retail platform: the company reported that with an overall sales growth of 35%, sales of Russian brands increased by 300% year-on-year.

The increase in sales of domestic manufacturers in the secondary market indicates the effectiveness of marketing campaigns of Russian manufacturers, due to which their general popularization takes place.

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