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09.10.2018 | Альбина Весина

Russian Avant-garde on CPM

From September 4 to September 9, 2018, Moscow hosted the CPM – Collection Premiere Moscow – the leading exhibition of light industry in Eastern Europe. This year The ArtFuture School of Design was presented at the exhibition by the avant-garde collection "Suprematist Voyage".



The collection was created as part of the competition and combined the cultural heritage of suprematism and constructivism with the use of non-traditional materials that the contestants used in the embodiment of art models. The simple and laconic forms of the trunk served as an excellent base for decorating in the style of Malevich, Tatlin and Kandinsky. The members of the International Jury selected the best works.


Members of the International Jury: Galina Istomina, Anastasia Kotova, Elena Sergeeva, Alexander Belov, Peter Gamayunov, Lyubov Rubenyan, Margarita Aipova.



September 15 in the framework of Design Test Drive Design Day the winners of the competition were announced. The best of the best got the opportunity to participate in leading fashion weeks and competitions, including EFU (European Fashion Union) as part of Milano Moda Donna in September 2018. (Milan, Italy); Graduate Fashion Week 2019;(London, UK).



Results of the contest:

  • I place – Elena Vilkova;
  • II place – Anna Makarova;
  • III place – Alexandra Vinogradova (Bobrova).


The winners were awarded certificates for master classes in sketching from leading experts in the field of fashion, for participation in the trend seminar of the French CARLIN Creative Trend Bureau Russia and unique fabrics for creating future collections from the International company "StenCom".


Comments from the authors of the collection "Suprematist Voyage"


Elena Vilkova: «I was more impressed with the whole process of preparing and decorating our stand at the CPM exhibition. A new and useful experience that can not be obtained everywhere. We completely immersed ourselves in the field of design, had the opportunity to learn from more experienced designers, see new technologies, fabrics. And, of course, I am overwhelmed with pride that our collection is presented at this largest and most prestigious international exhibition.


Anna Makarova: «I can boast that after studying at the School of Design «ArtFuture» I got my first orders, and in the near future I plan to create my own brand and open my own fashion design studio. In my collection, in addition to the covers, I used a raincoat and a decor made of pieces of leather.



Alexandra Vinogradova (Bobrova): "When creating the collection, our project managers played a significant role, I observe a huge leap in my professional development. It was the first time we worked as a team. In her collection, in addition to covers, she used completely different objects and materials: brushes, spray cans, masks, sticks; she was looking for inspiration, including in stroymarkets. Thanks to the ArtFuture Design School, this is not the first time I have participated in competitions and exhibitions abroad, the biggest impression was made by a trip to Japan, where I also went from School. Their fashion design is space! And the designer constantly needs to follow the latest trends and trends.


Photos provided by the organizers.