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20.11.2017 | Наталья Кулагина

Retail export of goods via the Internet

Data Insight and eBay have released a joint study on the state of the export market of tangible goods from Russia. Being at the stage of formation, the market has already reached significant volumes, and Russian goods of various categories from thousands of sellers are in demand both in the countries of the near and far abroad.


Main results:

  • The volume of Internet exports of tangible goods in 2016 amounted to 430 million US dollars.
  • The number of parcels sent is 7.9 million.
  • The average purchase receipt of a foreigner in a Russian online store is $55.
  •   Forecast for 2017 – growth of at least 14% for the year.


About the study


The data for the study were prepared as part of expert interviews and analysis of internal data of companies – market participants, which were collected by Data Insight in July–August 2017. The study involved logistics operators responsible for more than 95% of retail export shipments, and the largest online stores with significant cross-border sales volumes for the market.



Nadezhda Belova, Director of the Legal Department of OZON GROUP: "The share of exports may increase significantly in the next 5 years, subject to state support for companies engaged in exports. A good example of such support is the REC project. The development of the market is hindered by the lack of convenient, fast and inexpensive delivery. A complex scheme for the export of export orders. Difficulties of customs clearance of exports.


Denis Kochergin, «The Fair of Masters»: «The success of Russian retail exports is certainly pleasing. And when new markets begin to form where there was nothing before, the visual effect of success is clear and motivates well. It is important to understand that today the sales of Russian retail exporters account for a negligible share of domestic retail. And in order for this share to grow significantly in the next 10 years, a deep structural reengineering of all retail export business processes is needed, the desire and willingness of all market participants to constantly invest in the development and transformation of their companies.



Andrey Lyamin, Development Director Shiptor: "Demand for products from Russia exists where there are Russian-speaking diasporas (Canada, USA, Israel, etc.). One can also note the interest of Chinese consumers in our products.


Leonid Zondberg, Commercial Director of DPD in Russia and the CIS: "First of all, it is worth highlighting the countries of the Customs Union. There are no restraining factors here, we see stable growth, in particular in shipments to Kazakhstan. The growth in the volume of shipments to this country, according to our own statistics, amounted to almost 50% in annual terms.


In more detail, the joint study can be viewed by link.