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18.02.2019 | Альбина Весина

New retail solutions from Fujitsu

From February 19 to 21 in Dusseldorf (Germany), the technical exhibition-fairEuroCIS 2019 will be held.Fujitsu will present new products at booth #F21 in Hall # 9 as part of the event. solutions that will help retail companies increase their competitiveness, effectively innovate and achieve their business objectives.Interactive fitting rooms,scanning of full baskets of goods using radio frequency identification, solutions to protect against fraud at self-service cash desks, all this and much more can be seen at the stand of Fujitsu.
EuroCIS 2019 Technical Trade Fair
The company will show real examples of the use of modern technologies in stores, as well as innovative solutions that can increase customer loyalty and, accordingly, increase the profits of retail companies. How to use artificial intelligence to increase customer satisfaction and protect your profits? How to create added value in supermarkets, fashion stores and other specialized points of sale? How to effectively communicate with customers in stores and beyond with interactive, personalized and flexible solutions?How to ensure full transparency of transactions for sellers in offline and online stores and improve the quality of customer service? Specialized solutions from Fujitsu help answer these questions and not only.
Fujitsu – retail solutions
At booth#B42 of SAP (strategic partner of Fujitsu) in Hall #10, a demonstration of a jointly developed solution based on SAP Customer Activity Repository (SAP CAR) technology will be placed, which allows you to quickly detect violations in points of sale and optimizes the processes of stores.
And on February 20, from 14:40 to 15:00, as part of the Omnichannel Forum event, a presentation of "Customer-oriented stores" will be held in Hall No. 10 F72. How data improves the quality of customer service";, which will be presented by Ralf Schienke, Head of Sales for Fujitsu's retail sector in Central Europe.
Visit the exhibitionEuroCIS 2019 and discover the world of the future of retail.
Photo: Fujitsu