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01.12.2017 | Лидия Соколова

New on MAPIC Russia 2018

On November 29, 2018, a press breakfast dedicated to the rebranding of the exhibition MAPIC Russia (formerly REX) was held at the cafe Cook’kareku.In an informal setting, the organizers told about the most important changes that are waiting for MAPIC Russia next year.



The main topic of conversation was the rebranding of the exhibition MAPIC Russia. In 2018, it will be held under a new brand for the first time, completing the process of joining the family of exhibitions MAPIC – recognized all over the world and the most authoritative industry project. In addition to the name change, the event is waiting for other changes that will affect the structure of the exhibition and its formats, the qualitative and quantitative composition of visitors, new online networking opportunities and much more.


Thus, the organizers announced a new section of the exhibition "MAPIC Innovation Forum," whose participants will share the latest technological developments for retailers and developers: visitor traffic analysis systems, electronic navigation panels, developments in the field of virtual and augmented reality, systems for collecting analytical data and much more. The partner of the section will be the company PROPTECH Russia.


Another innovation will be the matchmaking system, which was not previously presented at the event. All pre-registered visitors and exhibitors of MAPIC Russia will receive personal recommendations on companies and projects presented at the exhibition. Thus, before visiting, guests will be able to make a list of relevant stands for them, without wasting time searching on the site for participants representing objects from regions of interest to them.


In 2018, the number of international participants is expected to grow, both among visitors and delegates of the business program, and among exhibitors. To date, 4 foreign companies have already confirmed their presence on MAPIC Russia. These are Fashion House Group, KCC, Loyaltech, Ormerod Sutton Architect. Even more foreign participants will visit Moscow as part of a tour for international retailers. Successful foreign retail companies interested in expanding in the Russian market will meet with representatives of the largest development companies and shopping centers from all over Russia to discuss opportunities for further cooperation and entering a new market for them.


Changes are also expected within the framework of the business program: the number of participation formats presented will expand, new speakers will be added, the number of sessions at the Conference on Retail real Estate and Retail will increase. To increase interactivity and audience engagement, electronic voting will be integrated into the Conference in 2018. Delegates will be asked to answer questions throughout the event to make the process more interactive, as well as to ensure the best understanding of the audience's requests and interests.


Another planned innovation is the creation of personal cabinets of speakers and delegates, through which delegates will be able to provide their contacts to speakers and download presentations of speeches, and speakers will receive listeners' data in a systematic form based on the results of sessions.


Also during the press breakfast it was announced that the first officially confirmed partner of the business program at MAPIC Russia 2018 will be the company GC "Landmark". As part of the partnership, she will participate in the diversification of the exhibition content.


Photo: MAPIC Russia