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19.06.2018 | Лидия Соколова

MOMAD Metropolis and MOMAD Shoes

The 18th season of the International Fashion Exhibition MOMAD Metropolis will take place from September 7 to 9 in Feria de Madrid, simultaneously with the international shoe exhibition MOMAD Shoes. The success of the future event is confirmed by the fact that almost 90% of the exhibition space has been reserved already 3 months before the event. 

The participation of 750 brands has already been confirmed, which exceeds the number of exhibitors of previous seasons.



MOMAD Metropolis – the largest trade and purchasing exhibition of the fashion industry on the Iberian Peninsula and every professional is obliged to visit it. Here you can find out what trends will dominate the spring-summer 2019 season, as well as get acquainted with the autumn-winter 2018/2019 collections.


The exhibition will be held in Halls 2, 12 and 14 Feria de Madrid. Here you can see collections of women's clothing of various styles and trends, ranging from fashion brands to urban, casual, office and sportswear, including swimwear. Men's collections and accessories are also presented. In all sections there are brands offering clothes of large sizes.


The exhibition will feature the best brands: Hannibal Laguna, Veneno en la Piel, Javier Simorra, Airfield, Marea Baja, Charo Azcona, Pepaloves, Swim Days Moda Baño, The Extreme Collection, Scripta, Zanetti, Slow Fashion Next, NKN Nekane, Blue Les Copains, French Connection, Parafina, Maltessa, Meisïe, Brave Soul, Van Dos, Victoria, Kontessa, Lion of Porches, Lauren Vidal, Melé Beach, Yaya, Stella rittwagen, grupo DK Company, Mercedes Escolá, Fyord, Alba Conde, Oky, Almatrichi, Tiffosi, Viriato, Ana Pallarés, Vidorreta, BSB Jeans, Maria José Suárez, Tiempo de Costura, Canadian Peak, Koala Bay, CLP Celop andSPG Jenuan.


As in previous seasons, MOMAD Metropolis will have a special zone calledSustainable Experience, where only companies whose collections are created in accordance with an ethical approach to the organization of production will be presented. 40 Spanish and international companies producing clothing, shoes, jewelry, leather goods, swimwear, glasses, watches and related products have already confirmed their participation in the exhibition, which will occupy an area of more than 500 square meters.


At the autumnMOMAD Metropolis, the 4.0 sector will work again with digital solutions for the fashion industry, which are very important for the industry in the conditions of transformation that it is currently undergoing. This exhibition area is being created in cooperation with the Adigital Association of Digital Economy and will provide a place for all interested participants of the exhibition, as well as help visitors learn about new digital solutions of Industry 4.0 to improve business efficiency.  


In addition to the expositions of the exhibition participants, visitors of the industry forum will be able to attend the shows on the MOMAD podium, where collections of future seasons will be presented, as well as take part in the program of negotiations and presentations held at the MOMAD forum, as part of the information and educational program. 



The season premiere will be screenings on MOMAD Metropolis and MOMAD Shoes, whereCharo Izquierdo, director of MOMAD Metropolis, will make his debut as a director, after her appointment in March of this year as the head of Fashion and Beauty directions of exhibitions held by IFEMA.


See you atMOMAD Metropolis. The new season promises to be interesting


Photo: IFEMA