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03.08.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

Li Ning enters the Russian market

The Chinese company Li Ning Co, which produces sporting goods, is the second largest seller of sporting goods in China. She owns a network of 5,000 of her own branded stores selling sportswear, shoes, accessories on the domestic market. The company was founded by the famous Chinese gymnast Li Ning in 1990. He also holds the post of Chairman and Executive Director of the company's board of Directors. And although this company is practically unknown in Russia, in Asia Li Ning – a cult brand.



The company plans to enter the Russian market and develop its own retail here. In the near future, she is going to open 15–20 branded stores Li Ning in St. Petersburg and Moscow.


Along with retail sales, Li Ning plans to cooperate with sports store chains. In the future, the company expects to reach all cities of Russia. Since Li Ning will have to start from scratch to increase its awareness in Russia, the company will also sponsor sports clubs and schools. 



According to experts, in order to take a significant share of the Russian market, Li Ning should open at least 50 stores, given that the leaders of the sporting goods market have 200–300 stores.