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23.04.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

In July and they will leave the Russian market

German Otto Group, one of the world leaders in distance trading and e-commerce, has decided to close Russian online stores selling fashionable and .


The largest multi-brand retailers will leave the Russian market in July 2018.After that, the Russian division of the German group of companies will develop the following projects monobrands bonprix and Witt , as well as the platform eSolutions.



The press service of Otto Group stated: "The global strategy of Otto Group, announced within the company earlier, assumes two directions of development in the field of online commerce. The first important component is the further construction of mono-brands such as bonprix, Witt and Crate&Barrel. The second focus is the creation of an online store based on the only marketplace within the Otto Group. This platform will be more focused on the sale of international, rather than its own brands. In connection with bringing the business in line with the stated strategy, brands and , which are multi-brand retailers, will leave the Russian market at the end of July 2018. Otto Group within the framework of Otto Group Russia will continue to develop in Russia in the field of e-commerce German brands bonprix and Witt, as well as the project eSolutions, remaining one of the largest players online trading on the Russian market.



The press service clarified that the marketplace is based on is currently relevant for the German market. He will not work for Russia.


«Otto Group is not leaving Russia. In this case, we are talking about bringing the portfolio of businesses within the Otto Group in Russia in line with the global strategy," explained the director of QUELLE/OTTO in Russia Olga Satanovskaya.



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