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19.10.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

KORUS Consulting − pricing solutions

Modern pricing systems help businesses identify trends and patterns of customer behavior in order to form an accurate pricing policy, effectively promote products and manage the assortment, in order to eventually increase revenue and profitability. This process takes into account a whole range of internal and external factors, such as the influence of the competitive environment, the location of the location, promotional activity, seasonality and trends in the market, the structure of demand and customer loyalty.


Software systems that automate time-consuming tasks of managing pricing, provide prompt response to market changes and help form competitive prices that meet the needs of buyers.



Taking into account the realities of the modern market, KORUS Consulting Group opens a new direction in the practice of pricing systems. The presence of experts in the team with experience in the field of retail trade allows you to take into account as accurately as possible all the factors affecting the pricing structure and create tools for the formation of optimal prices for goods.



"For many years successfully working in the retail automation market in Russia, we have accumulated expertise that allows us to see the most relevant areas of interest for our customers in retail. Pricing management, planning, strategic modeling and pricing optimization are one of the hottest and most focused topics that Russian retailers rely on to achieve profit and marginality," says Alexey Sverdlov, Director of the Department BI GC "KORUS Consulting".



The company's specialists will offer domestic retailers a full range of services for the creation and implementation of a pricing strategy: from the detailed development of methodology and consulting to the implementation of a set of solutions for automating pricing. In the portfolio «KORUS Consulting» a number of IT products from leading international developers for price optimization. The company's specialists are already implementing the first projects to create pricing systems on the SAS platform.


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