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04.10.2018 | Альбина Весина

Jacket for any season

The Korean company Xiaomi actively promotes innovative products that allow you to produce clothes for literally any weather - extreme cold and wild heat, snow, rain, wind.


First of all, Xiaomi , together with Runmi Technology, created a heated jacket that will suit both women and men. This type of outerwear does not require a ton of sweaters under the bottom. Inside the jacket there is a built-in heating system and a wire for connecting the battery. The lining is made of goose down, and the fabric is covered with a water-repellent layer on top, which will not allow leakage in bad weather.



This jacket has already passed safety tests, no overheating and optimal heat distribution. The novelty is instantly charged via an adapter in a special button, which is protected from short circuit. The maximum heating temperature is 50°C. When the battery is running with a capacity of 10,000 mAh, such a level of heat can be maintained for 8 hours.


The model will be available from October 15. The estimated cost is $79 per unit.



The next unique product of the company is the Uleemark DuPont jacket, which is based on DuPont paper, an environmentally friendly non-woven material made of paper film and fiber, developed and patented by DuPont. The most important advantage of the material is its absolute immunity to contamination, which makes it suitable for use in manufacturing, medicine, aerospace, etc.Due to the high level of water repellency, no water can leak through the fabric, no milk, coffee, or spices will leave traces on it.



In addition, DuPont fabric is distinguished by lightness and resistance to temperature changes, so that products made of it are very practical, especially when used in extremely cold conditions. It is reported thatUleemark DuPont is able to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature at an outdoor temperature range from 73°C to +100°C. A white goose feather is used as a filler in the jacket.



The jacket will be released in black and white colors and in five sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. Deliveries to China will begin on November 11. Buyers from other countries will be able to purchase the jacket online. The estimated cost is 459 yuan per unit (approximately 66 US dollars).


Photo: Xiaomi