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17.04.2019 | Наталья Кулагина

International Fair "Leather–Shoes–Fur–Technology": "Innovations"

The exhibition company «RLP-Fair» presents on its channel on YouTube the film «Innovations», which is the second part of the trilogy «There is no crisis". The trilogy was created at the studio «Videonics». Partners of the films: The Scientific and Production Association "Grace", the company Rahman Group and the company PROTOS &C.


In the modern era, when the world is on the threshold of the sixth technological order, the topic of innovation and technology is becoming more relevant than ever. The film «Innovations» presents the latest developments of Russian scientists and companies – exhibitors of the 29th (52) International Fair «Leather–Shoes–Fur–Technology».



A number of developments have no analogues in world practice, such as the development of Novosibirsk scientists "BIOFUR" organic means for the care of fur products, in addition, the company has developed means for the care of textiles and leather. In turn, the company "Bullatti" presented leather products made using a special technology: bags, belts, business cards, wallets and others.



In conditions of increasing competition, it is difficult to develop productively without the use of computer technology and CAD, and in the film two Russian companies "Komtens» andAssol» told about their software developments.


Nikita Florinsky (DAOB) and Maria Novikova (SMM agency), experts in the field of social advertising, commented on how small companies can successfully sell and promote their products in a rapidly changing world, on the importance and necessity of using various online resources for this.



The film also touches on the topic of labeling of goods, which is so relevant now. Its relevance is due to the fact that the new system of labeling and traceability of goods is considered as the most important tool for the development of trade activities in the country, and at the end of 2018 it received the status of a state information system (GIS). In addition, all light industry products are subject to labeling in the future, and businesses need to know what awaits them.


Viewers will be able to see fragments of the public discussion "Problems and prospects of the labeling system in the fur industry. Changes in legislation», which was carried out by Svetlana Luzina, editor-in-chief of the magazine "Fur auctions".



Alexander Kruglik, President of the Roslegprom Joint Stock Company and CEO of the exhibition company strong, commented on the increased interest in the exhibition and outlined positive processes in the development of both exhibiting companies and the market as a whole.


53rd Federal Wholesale Fair of Textile and Light Industry Goods and Equipment «Tekstillegprom",  will be held on September 17–20, 2019 in Moscow at VDNH in Pavilion No. 75.


Photos: provided by the organizers