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02.08.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

How to take your business to a new level

On August 29, as part of the Business program of the exhibition "Intertkan-2018". Autumn» in «Expocenter» partner of the leading specialized exhibition «Intertkan», textile industry expert Elena Regak will conduct a master class on the topic «You and the uniqueness of your business in modern market conditions in Russia. Your new opportunities in Europe".


A systematic approach is the basis for successful work and business profits. Based on her practical experience, Elena has developed a simple but effective system for making a profit in any business. According to Elena's patented methodology, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, Elena's students, have been working in Russia and abroad for many years.



The participants of the master class will learn how to take their business to a new level.


The master class is intended for heads of sales departments, development directors, marketers and business owners, it will also be of interest to owners of wholesale companies, HR, managers and owners of retail stores to improve their own competencies.


The organizers will consider the following issues:

  • Who do we sell to? Who do we think we're selling to? Who do we want to sell to? How to make a portrait of an ideal client?
  • How to make a USP and make an analysis of competitors?
  • How to quickly raise sales online and offline?
  • How to quickly win customer loyalty. Intangible motivation of clients.
  • How to write interesting posts and get feedback from customers?

Elena Regak –a permanent participant of the exhibition «Intertkan» and business events organized by Soyuzlegprom for industry professionals, a leading practicing and teaching expert of the textile industry in the field of management, marketing, brand creation and promotion, sales, staff motivation in Russia and the Czech Republic.Honorary member of the jury of the international competition of young designersFollowTheFabrika.



She is the founder and head of Russia's only professional systematic practical highly specialized private school for retraining and advanced training for entrepreneurs of the fashion industry in modern market conditions. Personal sales experience – 20 years. She went from manager to owner of her own international business. Has a private school in the Czech Republic. By her own example, she proved that even in the most difficult times, with a systematic approach to business, you can not only predict, but also triple sales, as well as scale your business.


Elena, by the example of her successful practical activity, helps manufacturers, managers of wholesale companies and retail stores of the fashion industry to increase sales guaranteed, to have a predicted stable income.


Currently, Elena is also helping business owners to bring the company to the international level in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Madagascar.



The master class will take place on August 29, in the hall "Workshop" (Pavilion No. 3, "Expocentre"). It starts at 15:00.


You can become a participant of the master class for free by completing the mandatory electronic registration on the website exhibitions.


The 5th International Exhibition of Fabrics and Textile Materials «Intertkan-2018. Autumn» will be held on August 27–30 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds » (Pavilion No. 3).


Photo: SOYUZLEGPROM, social networks,shutterstock