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11.10.2023 | Roman Popov

Business program of the exhibition selections by open sklad

On October 17, the exhibition selections by open sklad [S’] starts, a new b2b outlet for clothing retailers focused on the tasks of sorting collections of clothing and accessories in the middle of the season and on the eve of winter holidays.

According to the project concept, brands will be able to present special holiday and resort lines, regular capsule collections and remnants of the seasonal assortment in a free warehouse mode. The task of the new business platform is to provide a high-quality offer for buyers of Russian retail, involving prompt deliveries or instant shipment.

The business program of the exhibition will include two directions: specialized workshopsselected workshops and a platform for express consulting on business development and promotion selected consulting.;

The schedule of workshops on October 17 and 18 will include four meetings with experts of Fashion Consulting Group - Maria Schennikova (topic - trends FW23/24), Irina Dorogan (topic - digital business tools), Viktor Malygin (topic - assortment matrix) and Katerina Diveeva (topic - work in Telegram). Workshops on October 19 will be dedicated to the work of retail with style consultants: leading teachersInessa Trubetskova and Ribera Delavares will share current examples of how full-time and independent stylists help boutiques increase customer loyalty and sales. In addition, on October 18, the Russia Sews platform will present the winners of the All–Russian Fashion Designers Competition “Fashion of Russia” and a project to support designers in creating and developing brands - from a sketch to the production of a collection.  

The place of attraction for visitors of selections by open sklad [S’] will be the space selected consulting, where everyone will be able to get express advice from experts on business development and promotion strategies, including: leading consultant of Fashion Consulting Group Viktor Malygin, co-founder of the Fashion Marketing Academy Sergey Pischuk, Director of the RAFI Association Victoria Krivoruchko, as well as leading consultants of the communication and educational center of the EALgroup Diana Kosatkova and Karina Lugacheva.  

You can get acquainted with the schedule of the exhibition program and the news of selections by open sklad [S’] on the official website and in social networks:

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