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16.07.2018 | Юлия Ригби

How fashion can transform a city

On Tuesday, July 17, in Moscow will host an event that will help professionals better understand European trends in the combination of urban environment + fashion. At least, the Moscow Innovation Agency is confident that the adviser to the mayor of Amsterdam Ruhl van Herpt will be able to explain to everyone who comes to the open lecture of the Dutchman how it works. Mr. van Herpt himself is famous in the world of fashion and design for his brainchild, the consulting agency AgencyAgency, which works in the field of strategic development of the urban environment, the fashion industry and design.



AgencyAgency, headed by Rudy van Herpt, helps both government organizations in Netherlands, art institutes, brands and design studios in the development and implementation of long-term projects. Ruhl van Herpt has been advising the administration of Amsterdam for more than five years in its programs to support creative businesses and spaces: the city authorities support those property owners who are ready to create new jobs for creative youth.


There are subsidies for those who have allocated places for exhibitions, galleries and spaces for artists and designers on their territory and in buildings. At the same time, the city strives to attract and retain creative talents, contribute to ensuring the diversity of the urban environment so that Amsterdam retains its brightness and attractiveness for life and work. At the lecture , Ruhl van Herpt will talk about this creative industries support program and interesting examples from the Amsterdam experience, such as: Fashion Institute of Amsterdam, Fashion Platform for young talents, "innovation campus" for jeans manufacturers and others.


The lecture will take place on July 17, 2018 in the Digital Business Space (47 Pokrovka Street). It starts at 18:30. Admission is free, subject to mandatory registration.


Photo: Moscow Innovation Agencies