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25.07.2017 | Лидия Соколова

FollowTheFabrika stage II.I

Today, the fashion project by Maria Reznikova FollowTheFabrika, already noticed throughout Russia, will reach a new level and show the second collections from the finalists of the first round! This time the event will take place at Chateau de Fantomas. The organizers did not choose this site by chance: Chateau de Fantomas  a new generation space in the center of Moscow, capable of being modeled for a variety of events  from scientific conferences to parties, presentations and film screenings.


The participants of the first stage of the second round will be: Ekaterina Belyakova (brand Ekaterina Vita), designer Ekaterina Myachina (brand Katerina Myachina), designer Gennady Gorbachev (brand GG), designer Lyuba Sashina (brand Young Yankee).



The headliner of the event is a well-known designer, whose name has been kept secret until now. The screenings of the participants will be held in an unusual format of an immersive show.New Russian designers will be presented on each of the floors in separate rooms of the site, who will show their collections in the form of tableaux vivants! Among them: Eva Bogdanova (brand MyMokondo), Denis Shestakov (brand "Transit") and others. Moreover, a market of young Russian fashion designers from HighHatMarket will be located on the roof. On this day, Chateau de Fantomas will turn into a center of fashion industry novelties.


The guests will be greeted by intriguing girls in straps from the brand MyMokondo, who will take everyone into the world of fashion fantasies. A stylish bathroom filled with milk will be located on the site, and the one who first decides to be in the role of Cleopatra will receive a prize from the sponsors of the project!


FollowTheFabrika is a mechanism that allows fashion designers to get a great experience and a lot of necessary contacts for further work, and most importantly, it is an opportunity to compete for the final prize– participation in the MFW in In 2018, as well as an internship in France. Getting to FollowTheFabrika, everyone becomes a resident of an open design club, whose members get the opportunity to present their brand at a competitive show organized on a turnkey basis by the project team.