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09.06.2018 | Лидия Соколова

First-hand practical experience

The Center for the Development and Support of Entrepreneurship in St. Petersburg and the Association of Friends of Italy and Russia at the Honorary Consulate of the Russian Federation in Ancona are developing a unique program for training young professionals, working in the fashion industry. To this end, in In St. Petersburg practical events are held that allow all interested persons to receive unique first-hand knowledge from representatives of successful foreign businesses.


At the end of this spring, regular events were held within the framework of the program: International Business Forum Development. Leather goods and shoes: from the production of materials to the export of products", as well as a unique lecture and master class from representatives of the Italian leather industry.


Raffaele Trischani, representing the leather production Solution Skin, shared with the participants of the event the most modern trends in leather processing technologies, told about the most refined varieties of leather and methods of its processing. The participants had a unique opportunity to personally get acquainted with the samples of theSolution Skin products and lay the foundations for mutually beneficial cooperation.



The second part of a busy day was no less interesting. A practical master class from Fabrizio Mandolesi, representing the shoe brand Fauzian Jeunesse, took place in the building of theBusiness Development and Support Center on Polyustrovsky Avenue. Fabrizio is a hereditary shoemaker. His father Vittorio is a master and a recognized authority of the shoe business in his region. Mr. Mandolesi showed and told how the brand produces men's and women's shoes under the sign Made in Italy, which is recognized as a guarantee of the highest quality and creative design. The participants of the master class learned how to choose the highest quality leather and that Fauzian Jeunesse produces only handmade products using sophisticated techniques and the latest technologies. We saw with our own eyes and found out what exactly allows the company to produce a unique product of its kind, made in a vintage elegant and sporty style with unusual coloristics. The products of the Fauzian Jeunesse brand are in steady demand in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and America.



During the master class, the participants asked the master a lot of questions, saw how Fabrizio Mandolesi makes women's shoes with his own hands. In the process of communication between the master and the audience, it was possible to solve the technological problem of a young entrepreneur from St. Petersburg. The event was held in Italian, but the language barrier was not felt at all, thanks to the simultaneous translation of an employee of the fashion industry development department, who speaks Italian perfectly.


Also in the program of the event, young entrepreneurs were able to learn about the possibility of studying at the best design schools from the Association of Friends of Italy and Russia at the Honorary Consulate of the Russian Federation in Ancona, the cost of which will be partially compensated under the small business development program of St. Petersburg.St. Petersburg  as part of the implementation of the priority project «St. Petersburg – international center of the fashion industry ».


In the following days, the events of the International Business Forum "Development" took place at theUnified Center for Entrepreneurship in St. Petersburg. Leather goods and footwear: from the production of materials to the export of products", within the framework of which there were speeches by St. Petersburg representatives of the shoe industry, city leaders, the Unified Center for Entrepreneurship and the St. Petersburg Export Center, from which young entrepreneurs were able to learn about opportunities for the development of their business in St. Petersburg- St. Petersburg. Representatives of the fashion industry from around the world, among whom was the organizer of the Helsinki Fashion Week Evelyn Mora, representative of the Bobruisk Tannery Oksana Belikova and other specialists spoke about the latest trends and technologies important for the global development of the industry.