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14.06.2024 | Амина Айзятова

Fashionable puppet theater from KidSuper and Cirque du Solei

Yesterday, American designer Colm Dillane announced the upcoming collaboration of his KidSuper clothing brand with the world-famous Cirque du Solei company, specializing in organizing entertainment events with elements of circus art and street performances. The fashion community will be able to witness the result of this collaboration at the upcoming Paris Fashion Week. The show will take place already on June 22 at 17.00 Moscow time.

Watching Dillane's past shows, as well as his creative activities, it becomes obvious that the designer is not going to adapt to the generally accepted format. From standard demonstrations of new collections, the designer arranges whole performances. This concept was echoed by Cirque du Soleil, with the support of which the founder and creative director of the KidSuper brand decided to organize a theatrical performance, which will focus not on actors, but on new collections.

“The concept of the upcoming show is based on the idea of the existence of invisible forces that have a permanent influence on our world. To demonstrate this phenomenon, we decided to use puppet theater and threads. In our opinion, this powerful metaphor should make the audience think about the autonomy and interconnectedness of every event in a person's life, encourage them to ask themselves who or what really controls my life," the official statement says.

In our opinion, this concept is very interesting. Being something unusual for the fashion industry, it absolutely corresponds to the DNA of the brand and contributes to its disclosure.

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