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29.03.2024 | Амина Айзятова

Fashion performance — AUXI NOISI

On March 30, the annual closed Fashion show - AUXI NOISI - will be held in the Northern capital. The organizers of the fashion performance aim to create exclusive resources and art-fashion platforms of the European level in Russia.

This year, the AUXI team chose the historical building of St. Petersburg—Brusnitsyn Hall—as the venue for the implementation of their bold ideas. It is there that all the key figures of the Russian fashion industry will gather on Saturday: designers, artists, bloggers, fashion journalists, buyers, art and fashion business owners, owners multi-brand and creative spaces. According to the plan, they should all unite against a common problem—the all-consuming information noise. And art in all its diversity will help them in this difficult task. In the announcement, the AUXI team states: “Our weapon is avant-garde haute couture. Our techniques are scream, rebellion, deconstruction, experimental music and total immersion.”

The AUXI NOISI program includes an avant-garde fashion show, a contemporary art exhibition, a pop-up store and a techno afterparty. In total, the event will last 12 hours: from 5 pm to 5 am.

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