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22.05.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

"Fashion Designer of the Year 2018": reality has exceeded all expectations

On May 14, a regional competition among fashion designers, designers and designers of clothing, shoes and accessories "Fashion Designer of the Year" was held in Volgograd in the Aquarelle shopping center. shared her impressions about the event with usElina Androsova, Chairman of the competition jury. 


«I was lucky enough to head the jury of the Volgograd competition «Fashion Designer of the Year-2108» this year and watch all the competitive shows. I can say with full responsibility that reality has exceeded all expectations. The competition, both in terms of the composition of participants and the level of works presented by designers, has already gone beyond the regional.


Firstly, attending many fashion design contests both in Russia and abroad, I expected to see some interpretation of modern fashion with a South Russian accent. Yes, that's right. Contrary to the information of the leading tabloids of the fashion world, the geographical component is always present, even in cosmopolitan world fashion. And that's right. After all, residents of the northern regions of our country will never feel and embody fashion trends in the same way as emotional representatives of the south of Russia. The regional cultural component is always present in professionally designed collections of clothing and accessories.


But what I saw was not just a regional interpretation of modern fashion.Many of the contest entries were a real manifesto of pride and love for the traditions and historical roots of the native land. Marina Doronina demonstrated a masterful interpretation of the Cossack women's costume of the south of Russia, professionally subtly interpreting the outfits of the Cossacks of the past era. Gracefully, accurately reading the code of the costume that has gone down in history, the designer managed to create an absolutely new combination of the most beautiful traditional dress of the Cossacks and modern fashion trends. A magnificent work that deserves the close attention of fashion critics.



Secondly, expecting in May, consecrated by Victory Day, to see the themes of peace and war in the collections of the designers of the city where the greatest battle took place, which forever entered the memory of the people, I was stunned by the high degree of patriotism and memory of the heroic past among the young contestants. The works that were presented referred us to the time of the Great Victory of our people. The collection by Dinara Murasova, on the one hand, is absolutely functional and commercially verified, on the other hand, touches the most delicate strings of the soul and makes you feel proud of the feat of the victorious people. I haven't seen such a tremulous work on a military topic for a long time.



Thirdly, I was pleasantly impressed by the presentation of the male theme Nyura Menyailova. In contrast to the obsessively identical, European tolerant collections of men's clothing, her models are distinguished by their power, courage, and persuasiveness. And this is not somewhere on the capital's podiums, but in Volgograd.



Fourth, the young designers participating in the competition know their consumers well. The collections are made of modern materials and in accordance with the trends of the coming seasons. For example, the one-piece and stylish collection by Daria Pashkova from St. Petersburg.



And finally, I want to say: "Bravo!» to the organizers of the competition for the creative solution – «ring » device of the competition podium. The models representing the collections paraded around the podium. Thanks to this direction of the competitive show, it was possible to view the outfits from all sides and enjoy interesting design solutions in the field of volume and construction.


I am looking forward to the next opportunity to see and evaluate the unexpected, interesting works of Volgograd designers and contestants "Fashion Designer of the Year".


I invited the authors of four collections to take part in the 40th International Competition of Young Fashion Designers «Exercise», which will be held in Moscow on September 18, 2018 as part of the 51st Federal Wholesale Fair «Tekstillegprom».


Text: Elina Androsova, Chairman of the Competition jury, President of the Interregional Association of Fashion Houses, Center for Support and Development of the Fashion Industry, Candidate of Cultural Studies

Photo provided by the organizers of the Contest