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16.02.2017 | Елена Смирнова

Exhibition "When the Pomegranate blooms... Keepers of the traditions of Uzbekistan"

On March 2, the museum and exhibition center "Fashion Museum" will open an exhibition "When the pomegranate blooms"Guardians of the traditions of Uzbekistan", which will introduce visitors to the cultural, artistic and historical heritage of Uzbekistan.


The exhibition will feature the works of five masters whose work is already known in the world, but will be shown in Moscow for the first time. Each of the participants of the exhibition will present a separate corner of Uzbekistan and its unique culture.


Alisher Nazirov has been engaged in traditional Uzbek ceramics since the age of 12 and represents the city of Rishtan, the center of ceramics of Uzbekistan. This renowned master has his own school, exhibited in Japan, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic.


Aizada Nurumbetova is an embroiderer and recreator of the collection of Karakalpak traditional costume, representing the city of Nukus.


Lena Ladik, the founder of the Happy Bird Gallery and the author of visiting exhibitions, works with the best designers of Samarkand, using traditional Uzbek vintage fabrics in her work.




Rasul Mirzaakhmedov is a ninth-generation master, a representative of the dynasty of weavers from Margelan, the homeland of silk and ikat in Uzbekistan, will bring a loom to Moscow and demonstrate how fabrics are created.


Feruza Aliyeva, an artist and decorator specializing in silk drawing, will be the main designer of the exhibition.


The main purpose of the exhibition "When the pomegranate blooms" is to demonstrate the artistic interrelation and interpenetration of arts and crafts of Uzbekistan from generation to generation. The main motif of the exposition is a garnet - a symbol of family, wealth and prosperity. His image is used in embroidery, ceramics, weaving of ikat threads.


Lectures and master classes are planned within the framework of the exhibition.