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19.04.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

Exhibition "New Russian Style"

From May 23 to 27, one of the most significant exhibitions of the Russian jewelry market "New Russian Style" will be held in Moscow, at VDNKH..



Among  more than five hundred participants  such well-known Moscow enterprises as TD «Aesthete», «National Treasure», St. Petersburg plants «Sanis», «Nugget», Kostroma companies: Kostroma Jewelry Factory, «Kostroma Diamonds», «Master Diamond», «Platinum» and «Topaz», Yekaterinburg: «Carat JF», Ural Jewelry Factory, Yakut: "Gold of Yakutia", "Uranium Sakha", "UTUM PATTERN" and many, many others. The exposition of the exhibition, which covers an area of 30,000 square meters, demonstrates the modern capabilities of the domestic jewelry industry in processing rich reserves of precious raw materials and its readiness for active integration into the world jewelry market.



The number of visitors to the exhibition, both wholesale and retail, is steadily increasing from year to year. Today's retail leaders working at the exhibition are representatives of the Club of the Russian Jewelry Trade, large federal chains and regional wholesalers Atoll (Novosibirsk), The National treasure" (St. Petersburg), "strong>"Jeweler Center" (Ufa), etc.), who have assumed responsibility for marketing and timely deliveries to the regions of demanded novelties of production, demonstrate the branching of the domestic jewelry trade and its opportunities to offer a sophisticated consumer a wide range of jewelry and watches.



One of the integral components of the program "New Russian Style" – annual All-Russian competition «Days of leaders of the Russian jewelry market». Throughout the days of the exhibition, the jury, consisting of reputable art critics, evaluates the masterpieces created by domestic jewelers. The names of the winners in eleven nominations are traditionally announced at the award ceremony of the winners of the competition, which will be held on May 30. This event is a unique opportunity for the guests of the exhibition to be the first to get acquainted with the best works that have been highly appreciated by the professional Expert Council and rightfully included in the honorable Chronicle of Jewelry Art of Russia of the XXI century..

Venue: 75 pavilion of VDNH.
Opening hours: 11:00–20:00.

Photo: JUNWEX andshutterstock