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24.10.2017 | Степан Максимов

Elisabetta Franchi gets everything

Betty Blue S.p.A., the Italian company that owns and operates the fashion brand Elisabetta Franchi, announced a change of ownership by the end of 2017.


Elisabetta Franchi will receive 100% of the shares of her company, part of which was owned by the private equity fund Trilantic Capital Partners for almost four years. The company itself was founded in 1998 by an Italian entrepreneur who managed to successfully establish the brand in the fashion industry.



Thanks to the fruitful cooperation during the partnership Elisabetta Franchi and the Trilantic Foundation have achieved serious success in the international development of the brand, competently using the opportunities offered by the exclusive products market Made in Italy.


"For our fund, investing in Betty Blue S.p.A. turned out to be a great experience, both in terms of performance and professionally," comments Vittorio Pignatti Morano, president and co-owner of the Trilantic Europe foundation.