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20.06.2018 | Альбина Весина

"Designing of sewing products"

YURAYT Publishing House has released a textbook on the design of sewing products. The book is called «Designing garments: System design», it presents a unified approach to the concept of «balance» in the system «figure   drawing of clothing design». As compared parameters, the following are considered: the design parameter of a garment detail and the corresponding dimensional feature, as well as the design parameters of individual parts or assemblies. This approach allowed the authors to classify the species diversity of balance indicators, to form a methodology for determining balance indicators and criteria for their evaluation.



The textbook is intended for institutions of secondary vocational education. The composition of the team of authors under the scientific supervision of the head of the Department of Sewing Products Design of IVSPU, Professor Viktor Kuzmichev, included specialists in the fashion industry Natalia Akhmedulova and Larisa Yudina.


Very soon the publication will appear in the BiblioGlobus, as well as in the catalogs of online stores. and . Everyone can subscribe to the book in the electronic library for universities and institutions of vocational education or buy it directly from the publishing house. Libraries can also leave their applications there.


Photo: shutterstock