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14.12.2016 | Елена Смирнова

Color divination

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Strategists, decision makers, big players

Yes, and it's all about them - about the fives, about the fifth level of development of homo sapiens. Their slogan is: "The world around us is full of possibilities."

This is the level of competition, scientific breakthroughs and business entrepreneurship. A challenge becomes a lifestyle, and instead of discipline and law, money begins to rule the world. The fifth level is characterized by rationalism, economic motivation and competition.

These people want to master the world through its knowledge, and not through the manifestation of brute force, like the troika. They believe that those who are at the top in life really deserve it, and the rest should obey a select few. The world seems to them to be a "great chessboard" where you can play if you know the rules of the game, choose the right strategy, master the technology and get ahead of the competition. The key word of this level is "success", respectively, and the external signs of success are also highly valued. The Fives sincerely believe that everyone can achieve wealth and victory if they really want it, and do not feel sympathy for losers.

Their ethics – secular law above all!

And there can be no other way. Take advantage of this weakness. A 100% hit in sales is when they realize that this brand is used by people of their circle. By the way, when choosing a property, this level will study the environment very carefully, because they will never move to a place of a "different class". They are not yet residents of Olympus, but they are very close to them.By the way, it is at this level that a serious passion for collecting begins, and not just anything, but serious exclusive things. The five will no longer buy just some branded watches. These will be moves from the limited editions series and nothing else. On this, they can also be caught in advertising moves - limited series, non-repeating collections, and so on. They are very attentive to the details. In the interior of the store, they will no longer be deceived by the veneer of Canterbury oak. They already know what the array of this tree looks like, and will not fall into the trap of forgery. By the way, at the same level, buyers prefer individual tailoring. If not, then almost any thing is subject to "fitting to the figure" in the workshop.

These are egoists whom sellers should serve without being distracted by other visitors. Therefore, take care of a sufficient number of staff in your store.

This is 30% of the world's population and 50% of the world's power.

When the five are sated with money and power, they begin to think about the soul and … moves to the next – sixth – level.



Becoming on the path of Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad and other prophets…

At this level, harmony along with self-realization are key values. Here the emphasis is on joint growth, equality, humanism, tolerance, stability and attention to the issues of the surrounding world. Openness and trust are valued, and competition is already boring, because it is impossible. It goes away, the hierarchy is erased.

Relationships with other people and with your inner self become the main thing. A person of the sixth level is not too concerned about issues of power and the acquisition of material values. He is indifferent to showing signs of status or wealth, inner harmony is much more important for him, as well as love and sympathy from other people. Why? Yes, because he has everything and even more. Boredom is the main problem of beginner sixes. It is a world of ideals of harmony and interdependence of subtle matters, consensus and humanism, care and spirituality.

Ethics level – «Laws are important, but they must serve the well-being of all». A striking example is Swedish socialism, "Greenpeace" and many public organizations and ideological communities.

This group seems very simple, but it's only "seeming"! Do not forget that in order to reach the current state, these people have passed at least several lower levels. They know their worth, they are used to comfort, they know how to show their teeth, they know how to fight and win, they know how to think strategically best of all, otherwise they would not have been practically at the very top of Olympus.

But… it's not just something unattainable. They are also almost all creative people - actors, artists, professors, scientists.

What should they be interested in?

Unusual, extraordinary, a brilliant idea that will glorify their name for centuries.

Where do you think these people catch inspiration, buzz and relaxation?


Answer: Altai, Tibet, India, Sri Lanka - they pay for being locked up for a couple of weeks in a cave, in complete darkness with a supply of water and fresh cakes. They are the ones who meditate all day long, seeking enlightenment. It is they who, having huge corporations, do not just donate money to charity, but open schools, hospitals, universities in third world countries.

This is the most difficult client, they cannot be calculated, and special stores for this target audience have not yet been invented. They are everywhere and they are nowhere. Purchases are made in the most unexpected places. The wardrobe can combine custom-made items from Savile Row and a scarf from the Barcelona flea market.
That could be the end of it, because the next two levels are just space. Onako would like to say a few more words about how to build advertising for any level and do it correctly.

What does it take to make them buy from you and yours? We already know all the needs of the levels, so we can systematize this knowledge and transform it into a sales tool. We need to form one or another reaction to a product, trademark or brand. This can be done only with the help of an unconditional reflex, that is, to influence a person's instincts. Every person has two basic instincts: self-preservation and procreation. And already all the others come out of them - the instinct of freedom, dominance, research and the altruistic instinct.

But how to link all this into a single concept, psychology and marketing, and even extract large and repeated sales from it? At what stage of the marketing strategy is it necessary to implement the concept of conditioned reflex? This should be done at the stage of developing a distinctive idea for your product. The idea that will form a distinctive position is the foundation of the brand's entire marketing strategy. Example: the instinct of research is suitable for the formation of interest of the fifth level, where the passion for collecting appears. By the way, the children in whom he dominates are very curious and creative. Such people often find a hobby that, in addition to pleasure, can bring good money.

The second example is the instinct of freedom. The guys from the third level are almost all rebels and go through life with a protest, they believe only in themselves and their decisions.

You can give another hundred or a thousand examples, but this is the format of a full-fledged book, not a journal article.


Author: Tatiana Kalistratova-Borkh