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19.04.2024 | Юлия Алтынбаева

Collaboration between brands and designers: secrets of success

Collaboration between brands and designers has become an integral part of the fashion industry. Successful collections and individual drops can bring huge success to both sides and attract the attention of new consumers. However, in order for such a partnership to be truly successful, it is necessary to take into account a number of key points.

The first and perhaps the most important secret of successful interaction is a clear definition of roles and responsibilities. The brand team and the designer should be ready to listen to each other, take into account the opinions and ideas of the business partner, and find compromises in case of disagreement.

A striking example of successful cooperation between the brand and the designer is the joint work of the fashion house Balenciaga and designer Demna Gvasalia. Demna revived the couture trend of the brand 52 years after its closure, made an ideological revolution within the brand, replacing elegant and strict things familiar to the public with street style, shapeless silhouettes and huge sneakers with massive soles. After the beginning of their cooperation, kilometer-long queues began to line up in the boutiques of the brand, and every fashionista dreams of getting to the closed shows.

The second important aspect is understanding the goals and values of both sides. Each party should have a clear and precise idea of what they want to achieve from cooperation, what values they share and what goals they pursue. Only in this case, the brand and the designer will work as a single mechanism. The collaboration of the fashion house Schiaparelli with Daniel Rosebery has achieved great success. Their scandalous collection at the couture fashion week in Paris is still being heard. Daniel Rosebery was inspired by The Divine Comedy Dante also took artificially created stuffed animals as the basis of the collection and placed them on clothes, which, as expected, led to a heated discussion on the web. The main goal of the show was achieved: the main media started talking and writing about the brand again.

Finally, the last but not least important secret is a clear understanding of the market strategy and the target audience of the product. The brand and designer need to know who they are creating their product for, what needs they are meeting and how they will promote their product on the market. This is the way to ensure success and attract the attention of the target audience. The Coperni brand has always been distinguished by its unusual things and fashion shows. So, at Paris Fashion Week in 2023, Bella Hadid appeared on stage in an almost nude form. A special liquid was applied to the model's body, which eventually turned into a snow-white dress. The composition of the substance includes cotton fibers, which, upon contact with the skin, turn into fabric. The show quickly spread online, and Sebastian Meyer and Arno Wayan, designers of the fashion house, created a unique collection that was very popular.

Collaboration between brands and designers can be a powerful tool for success in the fashion market, if you take into account the key points of a successful partnership. Understanding the goals and values, respect for the creative vision of the partner, a clear definition of roles and responsibilities, as well as an understanding of the market strategy and target audience are the main components of a successful partnership between brands and designers.

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