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13.02.2019 | Наталья Кулагина

Children's sportswear by Edgar Davids

From February 25 to 26, the Russian premiere of the children's sportswear brand Monta Juniors by Edgar Davids from the legend of world football will take place within the framework of the exhibition CJF Edgar Davids. And on February 25, a famous Dutch football player Edgar Davids, who has gained fame in the clubs "Juventus", "Milan", "Barcelona", , will personally present the new collection of his brand to visitors CJF


The thematic leitmotif of the collection was the memories of the athlete about his own childhood and yard football. All models included in the line broadcast comfort and pleasure: comfortable sweatpants, T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts. The collection of Monta Juniors is complemented by a wide range of sports accessories that perfectly fit into the main clothing line.


Monta Juniors children's clothing by Edgar Davids


Comments Edgar Davids:Once upon a time, my friends and I started with street football, it was a whole world with its own laws and, of course, fashion. It's not sportswear, it's a lifestyle. We introduced football leggings into the equipment and promoted this trend. We had four idols who were dressed in our uniform, and after that we started thinking about a children's line, because children tend to imitate adults. So this line was born. It's more than just a sport, it's a football lifestyle. Children go to school in it and play beach soccer in it.


Venue of the event: Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion No. 3, Podium.

The time of the event: February 25, 2019,12:40 – 13:40.


Photos provided by the organizers.