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23.11.2016 | Елена Смирнова

Children's clothing that stimulates activity

A high-tech novelty –ReimaGO® sensor from Finnish manufacturers has entered the Russian market. The companies Reima and Suunto have for the first time developed a technology that can encourage children to be active and allows parents to know how much their children are moving.

The Reima company took care of the problem of sedentary lifestyle of modern children and became the author of the ReimaGO technology. The activity sensor ReimaGO® monitors the activity of the child throughout the day and measures its duration and intensity. The gadget fits into a special pocket on clothes and turns on automatically as soon as the child starts moving. Data is transmitted via Bluetooth to an iPhone or iPad using a free app. The section of the app for parents allows you to find out how their children moved during the day. They can see their children's progress and set rewards for achievements. And the section for kids is a mobile game. The more children play sports, the more bonuses they get in the game.

Thus, ReimaGO is a fun way to motivate children to move and be active outdoors, without depriving them of virtual entertainment, without which the modern world is impossible to imagine.

The Finnish company Suunto, engaged in the production of precision equipment for an active lifestyle, acted as the developer of the mobile application.