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13.07.2018 | Альбина Весина

Autumn-Winter 2018/19: Classic VS street

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Among the must have of the season are suits consisting of double-breasted jackets and straight trousers, and blazers. Jackets are characterized by a reinforced shoulder line and a focus on the waist. The sculptural lines that form­­­ thanks to the cut and work with wool, are emphasized by the choice of color.

A special place, according to WGSN, next season is occupied by knitwear. Cardigans and loose cozy sweaters with elongated sleeves have commercial potential for a basic and fashionable assortment. The actual textured knitting is emphasized by the thickness of the yarn yarn made of cashmere, merino and sheep wool. It is possible to focus on the waist and voluminous sleeves. Knitted tops with a stand-up collar supplemented with a zipper are indispensable in multi-layered sets.One of the universal elements of the wardrobe is a cape made of knitwear or classic wool in a cage, which will be important for sales of autumn-winter collections 2018/19.


Down jackets in the collections of the coming season from­­ are distinguished by a variety of proportions. This popular outerwear can be both voluminous and elongated, and shortened. In the latter case, the de­only reaches the waistline, and sometimes the kan­­ is higher, which applies in between­­­­­seasonal kits. Various solutions are possible - midi and medium length, loose and fitted silhouettes, long and short sleeves, as well as their complete absence in down jackets-vests.

Sports style and street fashion have a significant influence on outerwear. According to WGSN analysts, outerwear is becoming more practical thanks to modern, better weather-proof materials, loose volumes and details - pockets, zippers, buckles, reflective tapes.

Windbreakers, parkas, as well as jackets in a working style, light or insulated, can be worn not only with trousers, but also with dresses and skirts. The color scheme allows for bright and saturated shades, as well as traditional black and khaki.

Classic coats with lapels act as an alternative to down jackets and jackets. In the autumn-winter 2018/19 season, they are distinguished by an enlarged but softened shoulder line and an elongated, cocoon-shaped silhouette. Trenchcoats, maxi-models in a minimalistic style and raincoats are relevant.Skirts are getting longer. Floor-length or ankle-length models made of light cotton or wool are often found in collections, although in general the average length to mid-calf prevails. Decorative effects are achieved thanks to large pleating, checkered materials and the use of pleats. The commercial unit of the seasonal offer will be an updated pencil skirt. Models with zap áhom are complemented by a luxurious finish, and the cuts are original inserts, while the cuts are usually placed on the side or front of the leg. The products are combined with knitwear, blouses with voluminous sleeves and narrow cuffs, as well as often with blazers. Among the fashionable solutions are skirts made of various materials layered on top of each other.


For several seasons, wide trousers occupied a central place in the collections. However, interest in narrow models is returning, and they are becoming the key silhouette of the upcoming season. A sufficiently high waistline balances the proportions, and the length to the ankle allows you to wear them with shoes on heels of different heights. Elegance is achieved thanks to the classic cage and tweeds.

Fitted boho-style dresses and models trimmed with inserts of materials that differ in texture and prints, as well as made of fabrics with different patterns, will be the highlight of the season, able to attract the attention of buyers. Asymmetrical party outfits remain relevant, while the popularity of midi silhouettes is growing. Mini-versions are distinguished by a reinforced shoulder line and an accentuated waist, spectacular draperies and sequins are used as finishes.One of the key models of the season is a western-style shirt, which can be easily worn with both trousers and a long skirt.




It should be noted that in the Russian market ­­­­ke in the upcoming season will be equally in demand and updated­­naya classics, and easy-to-wear wardrobe, and a variety of versions of outerwear from trench coats and raincoats to jackets, down jackets and coats in a classic style. It is important to pay attention to the updated design of familiar basic things, which pre-rotates them into fashionable products, for example, lengthening skirts, who-shy;rotation of narrow trousers, draperies and designs with zap. The attention of buyers to the new seasonal collection can attract bright solutions, such as, for example, a mix of prints, explosive colors and 3D finishes in moderate versions can attract the attention of buyers to the new seasonal collection.


Text: Elena Varnina

Photo: brand press services, shutterstock