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05.02.2018 | Альбина Весина

s.Oliver Shoes collection "autumn-winter 2018/19"

The brand s.Oliver is expanding its presence at international specialized shoe exhibitions. Now, in addition to the usual German and Russian exhibitions, the collections of s.Oliver Shoes will be presented at the MICAM Fair in Milan. We present a brief overview of the collections of s.Oliver Shoes season "autumn-winter 2018/19".


Women's collection s.Oliver BLACK LABEL


Elegant luxury is the main focus of the collection s.Oliver BLACK LABEL"autumn-winter 2018/19". Refined materials, a lot of black, as well as new forms of heels give the shoes a glamorous shade, which gives their owner confidence and a beautiful appearance. Smooth leather boots, metallic-colored shoes and leather sneakers are equally well suited to an evening dress or modern office clothes.


Collection of women's shoes s.Oliver Women


This season, the sporty style dominates, but in combination with decorative elements, it gives the shoes a completely new look. The new season is full of decor: applications, jewelry and lace can be seen on almost all models. Materials such as patent leather in metallic colors and velour fit perfectly into this theme. The main emphasis is shifted to the sole, as opposed to the traditionally restrained design of casual shoes.


Collection of men's shoes s.Oliver Men



In the autumn-winter 2018/19 season, the collection s.Oliver is focused on the modern citizen leading an active lifestyle. A comfortable fit on the leg guarantees comfort and the ability to create a harmonious image. A fashionable man prefers boots made of durable materials. Chelsea boots are as common as lace-up boots with a low or medium neckline and high work boots. Smooth and grainy leather, zippers and durable soles create a unique look. Classic silhouettes get a modern sound with unexpected combinations of materials, the use of technical surfaces and color accents.


Read more about the collections in the February issue of the magazine "Fashion magazin".


Photo: s.Oliver