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11.07.2018 | Альбина Весина

Autumn-Winter 2018/19: Classic VS street

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The specifics of the direction are reflected in textured knitwear, handmade products, boots and outerwear resembling capes and blankets. The spirit of freedom inherent in the aesthetics of nomadic tribes and the eclectic message are noticeable in the play of textures and a mix of drawings, including folklore and floral, as well as stripes and patterns of scarves. The picture is complemented by dresses of an asymmetric cut, decorated with lace, leather, fringe and patchwork. The main features of this ­­­­ theme – layering and elongated silhouettes.




The romantic mood of the season is conveyed by the vintage theme presented at London Fashion Week. This trend is characterized by luxurious floral prints on a dark background, drawings in the style of tapestries and scarves, rich finishes and colors. Femininity is emphasized by sculptural forms, an asymmetrical cut, fashion with a zap, as well as the use of materials such as soft silk and brocade.



The sports theme shown at Milan Fashion Week shows an urban aesthetic, and the emphasis on streamlined shapes gives it a futuristic look. The nature of the direction is reflected in the use of technical and costume materials, as well as PVC with a glossy surface. Parkas and down jackets are updated thanks to bright, fluorescent colors, contrasting lining, reflective ribbons and other relevant details, such as high stand-up collars with zippers. Sports dresses attract attention due to asymmetric color blocks and smooth lines.




Among the trends demonstrated at fashion weeks, it is worth noting the western style, which can be traced in the fringe trim, for example, accentuating the silhouette by emphasizing the shoulder line or adorning a coat without a clasp, as well as in capes tied at the waist, belts with buckles, long flowing skirts, dark denim and a cage in updated color scheme.



Experts recommend paying attention to bright and intense colors, which occupy a significant place in the zone palette. Orange, yellow, green, pink, red and blue are combined with neutral shades or form a monochrome scale, while colorful solutions are possible that combine all the colors of the rainbow in one image. Saturated tones, close to neon, are good for dresses, faux fur and knitwear.

The green range – from moderate shades to the brightest – refreshes the winter scorching and is relevant for outerwear. Such solutions are attractive to buyers, and therefore have commercial potential.

Black is once again the leader in materials such as leather, velvet and knitwear, and the images are relevant, completely made in this universal color. Alternatively, you can choose models in various shades of gray, which are also perfectly combined with each other. Anthracite and silver are the most popular.


Autumn shades of red grapes, burgundy and cherry are good in monochrome images, including dresses and evening dresses. Blue tones - from muted cornflower blue to azure - are found in multi-layered sets and color blocks, different shades can form the palette of the ensemble.A feature of the season is the use of a rich range of brown shades from olive, ginger root, ochre and camel to chestnut and cognac in tonal combinations, as well as a combination of cinnamon and black.A fresh note is added to the palette by soft cosmetic tones, including nude and pinkish shades, for example pale pink, which looks great in dresses, tops and skirts made of velour, silk and fine chiffon. They are also interesting in outerwear, including in materials with a glossy surface.


To be continued.


Text: Elena Varnina

Photo: brand press services