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16.07.2018 | Лидия Соколова

And silk will be seen in the breath of the sands…

From August 3 to September 9, the Museum and Exhibition Center of Moscow «Museum of Fashion» will host an exhibition «And silk will be seen in the breath of the sands…  The Keepers of Embroidery  Uzbekistan».



The exhibition will feature historical and modern examples of traditional embroidery by masters, keepers of the traditions of this vibrant country, the work of many of whom is widely known in the world, but will be shown for the first time in Moscow. Each of the themes of the exhibition will present a separate corner of Uzbekistan and its unique culture. It will show the variety and richness of ornaments, symbols and techniques. We will introduce you to traditional Suzane bedspreads and national clothes so richly decorated with Embroidery. The exhibition will use old museum-value copies and replicas, as well as works by masters Madina Kasimbayeva and designer Hafiz Khan.


The main idea of the exhibition «And silk will be seen in the breath of the sands…» To demonstrate the artistic interrelation and interpenetration of arts and crafts of Uzbekistan from generation to generation. Various lectures and master classes are planned within the framework of the exhibition, where visitors will be able to learn about the details of traditional Uzbek costumes, fabric production technologies, silk and ceramics painting techniques.


Photo: shutterstock