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14.06.2018 | Степан Максимов

Afimall City: 13 million in 5 months

On the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, analysts «Afimall City» summed up the attendance of the shopping center from January to May 2018. The data show that the number of visitors is growing every six months and the reason for this is not only the settlement of the towers of the business center of the City, but also the active development of Moscow as one of the leading tourist destinations in the world.


So, according to the results of five months of 2018, "Afimall City" was visited by about 13 million people, which is 31% more than the number of visitors for the same period last year. Experts note that a new exhibition and business season has begun since February: visitors to the «Expocentre» and employees of «Moscow City» traditionally come to «Afimall» at lunchtime and in the evening. A wide pool of restaurant concepts allows you to taste dishes of national cuisines of the world, and a diverse entertainment component provides a full-fledged leisure after a working day.



According to experts, during the May holidays, there is an outflow of buyers from district shopping centers to large facilities located in the city center. Data from the counters of the Afimall City shopping center confirms a 39% increase in traffic in May 2018 compared to last year's figure for this month. "The active development of embankments, city squares, squares and parks as places of recreation for Muscovites and tourists contributes to the growth of attendance at shopping facilities located nearby," comments Tsvia Levaev. So, a favorable location allows you to attract to Afimall City vacationers from the neighboring Krasnaya Presnya Park, as well as tourists and passengers of river transport from the pier of the same name.


According to the Moscow authorities, more than a million football fans will come to Moscow during the World Cup, and such a tourist flow will positively affect not only the occupancy rate of hotels, but also the attendance of the capital's infrastructure facilities. «According to our cautious forecasts, traffic «Afimall City» will increase by 20% during the World Cup. For its part, the mall has prepared a number of marketing activities in support of the championship, which will complement the overall atmosphere of the game," notes Tsvia Levaev.


In the second half of 2018, Afimall City is scheduled to open stores of several fashion brands that have long been expected on the Russian market, and new establishments of original concepts will appear in the restaurant area of the fourth and fifth floors.


Photo: "Afimall"