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13.05.2019 | Лидия Соколова

Adidas has launched a cycle of production of sneakers

The company adidas makes a breakthrough in solving the problem of recycling plastic waste by introducing FUTURECRAFT.LOOP - sneakers that are 100% recyclable.




In 2019, adidas will produce 11 million pairs of shoes containing recycled ocean plastic collected by intercepting plastic waste on beaches, remote islands and coastal areas. adidas strives to use only recycled polyester. The creation of products using high-quality materials Parley made from recycled marine plastic waste is the basis of adidas' strategy in the field of sustainable development.


"What happens to your shoes after you wear them out?You throw them away.There are only landfills and incinerators and, ultimately, an atmosphere filled with excess carbon, or oceans filled with plastic waste.The next step is exceptions and technologies for the appearance of waste and complete recycling. We dream that you will wear the same shoes over and over again"

Eric Liedtke, member of the board of adidas, responsible for Global Brands

FUTURECRAFT.LOOP– these are the first sneakers that can be completely redesigned into new sneakers. The company adidas declares its intention to take responsibility for the full life cycle of the product, creating high-performance sneakers that do not need to be thrown away.


Sports shoes, as a rule, include complex mixtures of materials glued together, as a result of which the shoes can only be recycled.After almost a decade of research and development, together with leading partners in the development, production and processing of materials in Asia, Europe and North America, adidas has found a way to change this  the process. 



FUTURECRAFT.LOOP This is an innovative approach to the development of training shoes that can be changed from the very beginning, using one type of material and without glue.Each component is made of 100% reusable materials. It is spun, bonded, pressed and fused with a BOOST sole using the adidas SPEEDFACTORY technology.


As soon as the shoe comes to the end of its first life, it returns to adidas. It is washed, crushed to granules and melted into a material for the components of a new pair of shoes, with zero waste and without throwing anything away. Each generation of sports shoes is designed in accordance with the standards of sports technology adidas without any compromises.


Tanya Radzva Sahanga, Technology Innovation Manager at adidas, commented: "We intend to create a new type of product that we will be able to return, grind and reuse in a new productadidas. We know that it is progressive in all relationship approach: both technically and psychologically.There were times when it seemed that we could not overcome some technological obstacles, but we made the first leap, and the situation changed. We cannot create a round future in solitude, only everything is complete.We are glad that this first step has already been implemented, although only as part of the launch of the trial version.


Photo: adidas