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28.04.2018 | Степан Максимов

ADG talks on Mapic Russia

On April 24, at a special session of ADG talks at the Mapic Russia exhibition, the company ADG group told how the introduction of current trends will help shopping centers ensure uniformly high attendance and frequency of visits, and how the declared ADG group the concept of a new format of commercial real estate ‒ a district center ‒ is being implemented in practice.


Special session «Three times a week. What will be the filling of the first district centers of ADG group: zoning, layouts, formats" was held at the company's stand during the days of the Mapic Russia exhibition. ADG group presented details of the project implementation of a network of 39 district centers: for the first time, the developer presented specific formats, zoning and layouts that maximize the efficiency of each square meter for the tenant and consumer, and ensure consistently high attendance in small, medium and large format facilities.


The format of the district center is determined by the needs of residents, the presence of competition and demand among tenants. A typical district center is a small-format facility focused on the regular needs of people living nearby. The medium format is designed for locations within a radius of 15 minutes by car from which there is no modern cinema, – this is a district center of a larger area, mainly due to a multiplex cinema and the expansion of leisure formats. Large objects are already a mix of a district center and a modern fashion mall. For example, among our objects the L– format is «Sofia», which should become a fashion destination for the entire VAO», ‒ said Anna Obraztsova, Commercial Director of ADG group.



Using the example of Moscow, it is easy to trace how the needs of the mass audience are changing. Time is becoming an increasingly valuable resource: it is no coincidence that last year territorial accessibility became the number one shopping driver for residents of the capital, winning prices and assortment for the first time. The unwillingness of people to waste time on the road, along with the insufficient leisure and shopping infrastructure of residential areas, makes formats "near home" increasingly relevant for Muscovites.


How, based on the peculiarities of the purchasing behavior of residents of residential areas of the capital, to provide district centers with a stable audience and a frequency of visits 3 times a week? An assortment that is understandable and necessary on a regular basis, supplemented with entertainment and educational formats, food and communication. People are ready to come several times a week for shopping, dinner or just a snack, for entertainment, education, sports and communication.


"Tenants will always be the heart of our project, they will create the impression of visiting district centers. We believe in emotional retail as a traffic generator in commercial real estate. Therefore, at the level of our product, we have allocated 20% of the space for cinema, entertainment and edutainment and almost 20% for catering enterprises, which gives us 40% of the space filled with tenants, for whom creating impressions, entertainment and new experiences is the basis of business," said Anastasia Sharkova, Rental Director of ADG group.



Using the example of the objects of the first stage of the network of district centers, which are currently under active construction, ADG group demonstrated to the market an approach to filling objects and the idea of floor-by-floor adaptive zoning:


Small objects on the example of the district center «Hangar» (about 5 000 sq.m. m GLA): unlike classic malls, food and entertainment and edutainment formats will be presented on almost all floors. Minus the first floor – the kingdom of essentials: goods and services of regular demand – supermarket, accompanying farm goods, household services, household goods. The first floor is designed primarily for a female audience, – this is a family restaurant, a coffee shop, confectionery, beauty and health products and the accompanying pop-up formats of impulse purchases. The second and third floors are designed for leisure of visitors of different ages: this is a special educational center for children, a cinema, a leisure food court, sports and children's goods, as well as gadgets. The zoning of the floors assumes spaces for each audience: it will be convenient for mothers with children, and noisy student companies.


Medium-sized objects on the example of the district center "Budapest" (about 11,000 sq. m. m GLA): medium format is a district center with an increased share of entertainment formats, mainly due to a multiplex cinema. The main audience of such an object is living in 15 minutes on foot. Additional cinema audience – living in 15 minutes by transport. The floor zoning is similar to the small format: essentials on the minus ground, entertainment and food are presented on all the main floors, the first floor places special emphasis on the offer for women, the second - on family leisure.


Large objects on the example of the district center "Sofia" (more than 20 000 sq. m. m GLA): this is a mix of a district center and a modern shopping mall – a large-area object with a fashion cluster and a multiplex cinema. While maintaining the key features of filling district centers, two additional floors with clothing stores appear, which is due to the location of the object. "Sofia" is located in VAO, where there is not a single modern mall now. So, in addition to responding to the needs of 70 thousand residents of the district, there is a goal to create a fashion cluster for the entire district, which is almost 600 thousand people living within a 15-minute radius by car.

In total, the ADG group network of district centers includes 23 S-format objects, 10 M-type objects and two L-type objects, as well as a number of unique objects, such as "Homeland" or "Warsaw", for which special content has been developed for the specifics of the locations and the buildings themselves. Construction work is already underway at 5 sites of the network. The first district center "Angara" will open at the end of 2018, and the entire network will be operational in 2019. 30% of the GLA is signed by anchor tenants: supermarket chain "Lenta" and cinematographer from South Korea CJ CGV.


Photo: ADG group