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03.04.2024 | Амина Айзятова

Accessory trends: inspiration from fall-winter 2024 fashion shows

It's no secret that beauty lies in the details. It is the subtleties that set the mood and determine the final look of the whole picture. This unspoken rule is reflected in everything, including fashion. Fashion experts know what an important role accessories play: being, at first glance, completely insignificant details, they can add that very touch of style to an everyday look, making it authentic, or, conversely, ruin even the most well-thought-out outfit.

In this article, we invite you to get acquainted with the six main trends in accessories using the example of fall-winter 2024 fashion shows.

XL bags

Last year, the secret dream of all girls came true - large bags came into fashion. Finally, you no longer need to diligently try to close a small clutch, which clearly does not contain everything a girl needs outside the home. Now that roomy XL size bags are in fashion, you can safely forget about this problem, and save the laconic clutch that has become a classic for evening outings.

This year, everyone's favorite tote bag trend is still going strong. And confirmation of this is its variation at the main Fashion Weeks fall-winter 2024. A large wicker bag from Bottega Veneta, a shapeless bag from Ferragamo, a semicircular bag from Chloe, a dumpling bag from Rokh, a rectangular bag from Stella McCartney - this is just a small list of fashionable ones. houses that presented their interpretation of the trend. The choice is really wide, which means everyone will find something of their own, the main thing to remember: this season, the more the merrier.

Keychains on bags

Another trend that has not lost its popularity since last season is keychains on bags. In the autumn-winter collections, designers further developed this idea, proposing to decorate bags not only with keychains and soft toys, but also with the most unexpected items. Thus, Coach presented bags with mugs and postcards attached to them, and Fendi added leather cases in the shape of lollipops to the accessories (their real purpose is not established).

It is worth noting that the trendy body kit on bags now has not only an entertaining, but a practical character. For example, the fashion house Elisabetta Franchi suggested tying a spare pair of sneakers to your bag in case your feet get tired of stiletto heels. And Miu Miu and Prada attached silk bags and wallets to the handles and straps of their bags.

Decorations of simple geometric shapes

At Paris Fashion Week fall-winter 2024, the Saint Laurent show left no one indifferent. Some admired the creations of Anthony Vaccarelo, others criticized him for the excessive transparency of his outfits. In this article we will not talk about the success of the collection itself, but will pay attention to the accessories.

In the upcoming autumn-winter season, designers are abandoning the minimalism characteristic of previous collections and giving preference to brighter, more expressive details. One of the first to set this trend was the creative director of the Saint Laurent house. To graceful, almost weightless outfits, Vaccarelo adds decorations of simple geometric shapes in size XXL. Models were seen wearing metal Patou spheres, which are worn on the earlobes and around the neck, and beveled enamel rectangles.

Thin belts

A belt is an important element of the image, because it can not only fulfill its direct function, but also act as a decoration. In the upcoming autumn-winter season, designers recommend paying attention to more laconic models. And yes, thin belts are back in trend! Just recently it seemed that the model had outlived its usefulness and would not yet return to the wardrobes of fashionistas. But it was not there.

At Fashion Weeks fall-winter 2024, brands presented many variations in the styling of thin belts. For example, the current creative director of Chanel, Virginia Viard, suggested wearing them over a slightly voluminous tweed jacket, thereby making it more fitted. The previously mentioned Anthony Vaccarelo, designer of Saint Laurent, complemented the elegant nylon products with thin belts. And the Victoria/Tomas fashion house used a thin leather belt as a coat belt.

Bags with fringes   

Another mainstream trend at Fall-Winter 2024 Fashion Weeks is fringe. It was hard not to notice her abundance at the shows. The fringe trend is reflected literally in everything: trousers, blouses, dresses, skirts, shoes and, of course, bags have become objects of experimentation by designers, many of whom have presented real works of art.

Thus, as part of the trend, Prada demonstrated a bright, contrasting bag: orange-red fringe in combination with black lacquer handles will fit perfectly into both an evening and a strict business look. Another example of a successful experiment can be considered a large rectangular black Valentino bag, more suitable for everyday wear, and a small black handbag of the same brand, the fringe on which looks more like sparkling tinsel.


The main element coquette core was so loved by the designers that they decided to extend it for another season. In the fall-winter 2024 collections, fashion houses have proven that bows not only refer to girlhood, but can also convey a more adult energy.

While still elegant, the trend is reflected in many collections. The fashion house Chanel presented it most diversely. In the brand's autumn-winter collection you can see leather bows on belts, satin bows on models' necks, and gold and silver bows on jewelry. If your wardrobe has not yet been filled with ballet core style items, a great start would be these hair clips, satin ribbons that wrap around the handles of the bag and form an elegant bow, or a cute pendant on a chain.

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