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14.09.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

A new fabric printing factory will appear in Moscow

Solstudio Textile Group plans to open a fabric printing factory in the Moscow technopark "Caliber". The new company will specialize in digital printing on natural and mixed fabrics, and polyester printing production, which has been operating for 2 years, will also be transferred there. The project is implemented with the help of own and attracted funds from a private investor.



The founder of Solstudio Textile Group Alexandra Kaloshina commented on this event: «We would never have taken over the factory if we hadn't built a textile design studio. This area has become the engine of fashion development. And now, having all the components of a design studio, experience in printing, experience in fabric, in tailoring and, most importantly, a strong permanent team, we were able to decide on such a difficult step as building a factory.



According to her, the first line of equipment with a capacity of 800 thousand linear meters per year will be held in October, by November manufacturers plan to master most of the materials cotton, viscose, mixed fabrics, as well as to establish internal processes for printing on silk. 


The choice of location for the new factory is also not accidental. High-tech production without hazardous substances and emissions can be placed within the city, while providing jobs for qualified specialists who are in the capital. In addition, the technopark «Caliber» – the place where a textile cluster is being created, in which sewing enterprises are already operating and the largest industry exhibition is being held «Tekstillegprom»



Creating its own production Solstudio Textile Group has studied in detail not only the Russian market, but also the international one. In Italy, China, Turkey, Spain, and the Netherlands, a cluster approach has been developed that allows enterprises to complement each other at different stages of production, while in Russia such an approach is just being formed and is starting its work, which causes some difficulties and risks when creating the first enterprise in the country. As claimsAlexandra Kaloshina, designers will have to solve all these problems almost alone for the first time, but there are other companies working on similar projects with which you can join forces. 


The main task of the head of Solstudio Textile Group is the independent embodiment in the material of those sketches that are created by the designers of the studio in Russia.


Photo:Solstudio Textile Group