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Terms of cooperation

We are constantly improving customer interaction schemes and expanding the range of warehouse programs to maintain and develop the business of our partners. It is important for us to create comfortable working conditions with our partners.This is what helps us develop and stay afloat for so many years.


Territorial coverage: We work with clients all over Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Armenia.


Pre-order of the product: Writing pre-orders for the seasons annually takes place in 2 periods. Pre-order for the next autumn/winter season runs from the end of December to the end of February, while the duration of the pre-order campaign is determined by the manufacturer.


For the spring/summer season, the pre-order campaign runs from the end of June to mid-September. The duration of the campaign for each individual brand is also determined by the manufacturer. Most often, the final points for writing orders are exhibitionsCPM Moscow.


Minimum pre-order amount: 3,000 euros.


Working with warehouse programs: For many of our partners, it is important to be able to sort their outlets at the height of the season, and someone works completely according to warehouse programs. That is why it is very important to keep inventory.


In the selection of the assortment, we focus on the following principles: we order only the most commercially profitable products, the most convenient models that fit any type of figures, adhere to the concept of a variety of color and design solutions.


The warehouse is formed by our managers who have been working in the designer clothing segment for more than 10 years and understand the needs of their customers.


Assistance in the selection of the assortment: All our managers are experts in the designer clothing market. They know the most current trends and follow the fashion changes. Thanks to many years of experience, our managers will help you choose images and brands for your client.


When buying out of a showroom in Moscow, you can ask to prepare images in advance, describing your target audience. This way you will reduce the time to purchase products. If you are located in the regions, managers will send you price lists with images of products, as well as photos of the created images on the model.


The official representative of the brand in Russia and the CIS is the Sollery Group of companies.

To buy collections of women's clothing Vetono wholesale register on the b2b site «Fashion magazin» and send orders inside your personal account.

Communication directly with a Brand representative in your personal account, prices, discounts, shipment volumes, special conditions in one click!