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The company Sollery has been supplying the most interesting and unique European brands of women's clothing to boutiques throughout Russia for more than 11 years. The company's showroom presents collections made in a wide variety of styles. These are shabby chic, chic casual and classic, which surprisingly get along with the styles of boho, avant-garde and grunge, forming a fan of creative possibilities. 


Thanks to the variety of styles, in the showroomSolleryyou can choose an assortment for multi-brand stores, taking into account the specifics of the location region. 


Elisa Cavaletti
Italian brand clothing Elisa Cavaletti is designed for a stylish and sophisticated resident of the metropolis. The models are designed by designer Daniella Dallavalle real total look made of natural fabrics and materials that emphasize the individuality and character of each beautiful lady.


Grizas is not only a brand, but a lifestyle that includes a love of nature and a commitment to high quality. All products of the Lithuanian brand are made of 100% natural fabrics: silk, wool, cotton, linen and eucalyptus fiber. The most comfortable clothes with good thermoregulation and interesting design.


Ivan Grundahl

Ivan Grundahl – avant-garde collections for bold girls. Ivan is called the Danish Yamomoto for his unprecedented ability to create ultramodern models. The Vogue edition puts the name Ivan Grundahl on a par with world-famous fashion houses.


La vaca loca
La vaca loca is a successful family brand of avant-garde clothing created by the Greek designer Paraskevi Spyropoulou. La vaca loca is the choice of unpredictable women who value their individuality. The brand's clothes can be worn in the most unexpected ways. Many models involve two-way application. It's a long story, it's better to look.  


Come to Moscow on Akademika Koroleva Street, 21.


And you can also order your favorite models in your personal account on the platformFashion magazin.