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25.06.2018 | Альбина Весина

With a chip in bed

June 20 at The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation held a meeting of the Committee on Entrepreneurship in the Textile and Light Industry of the CCI of the Russian Federation and the Committee on Home Textiles of Soyuzlegprom, which was held by the Chairman of the Committee of the CCI of the Russian Federation Andrey Razbrodin . The meeting participants discussed issues related to the introduction of a labeling system for a group of products "Bed linen, kitchen, dining and toilet" in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated April 28, 2018 No. 792-R.



All speakers noted the need for comprehensive measures to prevent and detect counterfeiting, other types of counterfeit, illegal re-export of these goods to the Russian Federation, while labeling products is only one of many measures.


Anna Orlova, deputy head of the group of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation on labeling and traceability of products, said that labeling and related measures should not become an additional burden on business. Moreover, it requires the formation of labeling and traceability of products within the entire The Eurasian Union, since significant volumes of low-quality and falsified products are supplied to Russia through the Union countries. Flaws in statistics seriously complicate the formation of a reliable information base on enterprises and their products, and the data of the Federal Customs Service do not fully reflect the real turnover of foreign light industry products, including goods of the linen group. The traceability of products and their characteristics will be reflected in the electronic information system "Honest Sign", which is planned to be implemented in 2018–2019. The system will allow monitoring products from crossing the customs border to a specific consumer.



Anna Bogadelina, General Director of JSC "Shuisky Chintz" (Ivanovo region) and head of the Soyuzlegprom Committee on home textiles, advocated working out the marking technology for the linen group through pilot projects. Denis Paidarkin, Director of the division of JSC "Trekhgornaya Manufactory", proposed to include representatives of retail chains in the working group on the organization of the introduction of labeling in the linen sector, and Elena Klimenko, head of the Technical Control Department of JSC "Donetsk Manufactory M"(Rostov region), noted the need to detail the entire range of the linen sector subject to labeling. As emphasized by the CEO of TD LLC "Dargez" Boris Yudin, the introduction of labeling in all segments of light industry products can become a multi-cost process, and these costs will be within the power of only large companies.



Comments Andrey Razbrodin, President Soyuzlegprom: "Manufacturers themselves must work out the optimal scheme for testing and implementing labeling. Moreover, certification, according to our Union, should be included in the labeling system. Labeling in combination with certification is one of the industry's support tools.


In addition, Mr. Razbrodin stated the need to maintain detailed registers of manufacturers and importers in order to have both basic and detailed information about manufactured products necessary for the introduction of labeling. These and related works will be carried out jointly with the Innovative Textile and Light Industry Center under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.




Photo:Soyuzlegprom, shutterstock