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B2B Журнал
14.12.2017 | Степан Максимов

Waypark Shopping Center: results of the year

Shopping and entertainment center «Waypark» summarized the results of the year in terms of attendance. According to the data obtained, the attendance of the shopping center on weekends increased by 15%, compared to 2016. To date, visitor activity statistics are as follows: 8,000–9,000 visitors on weekdays and 15,000–17,000 on weekends.


"We began to pay more attention to children's events that are held on weekends, which allows us to increase traffic",  noted Olga Filippova, Commercial Director of the Waypark shopping center.


So, since April of this year, «Waypark» has launched «children's weekend» with various master classes for children aged 2 to 12 years. "Since these events have proven themselves well and were in high demand among the target audience with children, it was decided to continue this practice. From September to the present, families with children traditionally meet in the shopping center in order to have a good time. There are already regular visitors who are looking forward to the continuation of the igrotek, – representatives of the Waypark told.



During the autumn period, the following events were in high demand among children: «Children's super-construction », «Railway Locomotive Festival » and «Aircraft Festival ».The total number of visitors per month during this period increased by 7%.


"On the eve of the New Year holidays and during the winter holidays, visitors to the Waypark"will be greeted by Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden with gifts,"shared Olga Filippova. In addition, an extensive entertainment program is being prepared, in which everyone will be able to take part: "Moroz Ivanovich", "Who stole the lights on the Christmas tree", "Hare happiness", "New Year's adventures in Prostokvashino», puppet and circus performances. The festive events will end on January 8, 2018.


Winter events attract more visitors than on normal days. So, in the last year, the attendance of the shopping mall «Waypark» during the winter holidays  increased by 12%. "This year, the number of events held has been doubled, which allows us to expect a larger flow of the target audience," added Olga Filippova.


Shopping and entertainment center «Waypark»   one of the first professional shopping malls in the Moscow region, opened in 2004. The complex is located in the north-west of Moscow, surrounded by large residential areas: Mitino, Kurkino, Krasnogorsk, Khimki, Putilkovo, Tushino and others, which provides a good coverage area of the object. More than 1 million residents live in the primary accessibility zone, and more than 2 million people live in the secondary zone.