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18.06.2019 | Наталья Кулагина

The film "New Values and Communications"

The exhibition company «RLP-Fair» presents on its channel on YouTube the film "New values and communications", which is the third series of the trilogy "There is no crisis".


The series crowning the trilogy was created in the format of a fascinating, convincing and inspiring story (strytelling) about global global market problems and the experience of Russian companies in new conditions through interviews with experts and exhibitors of the Federal Fair "Tekstillegprom".


Not wanting to remain in the paradigm of the past, the exhibition "Textile Industry" is developing dynamically, and here, based on the Communication Platform, a professional business community has been formed that comprehends the challenges of the time and offers an ideology and successful business strategies for embedding the Russian fashion industry in the world market.


"They say, God forbid you to live in an era of change, so we live in an era of change, because we have four generations of consumers today," says Natalia Chinenova (FCG). "In the conditions of global market transformation, when technologies, the logic of communications, the logic of production and purchase of goods change. And the question is – what to do!"," continues Denis Fomin (Fashion magazine). The first part of the film is devoted to market analysis.



In the second part of the film experts and participants Fairs discuss the sixth technological order as a time of new opportunities and solutions, and share successful work experience and business cases.

  • "The question of ideology, command, logic and meanings" is now in the first place", Denis Fomin (Fashion magazin).
  • "Conscious production and consumption" Vera Ivanova (Fashion magazin), Svetlana Salnikova (fy:r).
  • "New business strategies" Anna Prosvirnina (Eco-life), Svetlana Artemyeva (Free age), Natalia Lankova (Business Line), Fedor Karafulidi (PROTOS and K), Konstantin Konevego (Pavlovo-Posadsky worsted).
  • "Digital printing technologies" Alexandra Kaloshina (Solstudio Textile Design), Natalia Stalyukova (Solstudio Industry), Yana Zinova (Kunjut Textile&Design).
  • "Intelligence + technology = business potential" Andrey Eshchenko (Grace), Vasily Naumovich (Komtense), Karina Andreeva (Assol).

A radical change in the standard models of interaction in the market and new communications are presented by experts in the third part of the film.

  • «Relevance of social networks and cases of working in them» – Nikita Florinsky (DAOB), Anastasia Makarkina (Varvara), Maria Novikova (SMM agency), Alexey Yuzhaninov (Growth Point).
  • "Migration to online" Andrey Eshchenko (Grace).
  • «Day with a stylist – promotion for a retail store»–Ekaterina Eliseeva (Pfsolution).
  • «Business game «to hear the buyer» – Marina Agafonova (Pfsolution).
  • «FREE SPACE – a new format of communication on «Tekstillegprom»– Vera Tugova (RLP Fair), Karina Andreeva (Assol), Anna Prosvirnina (Eco-life).
  • «Public discussion» – Svetlana Luzina (Fur auctions).
In conclusion the President of PJSC "Roslegprom, CEO of LLC "RLP-Fair" Alexander Kruglik summarizes the results of the intense and productive 52nd season of the Federal Fair "Tekstillegprom".


You can view other episodes of the trilogy at YouTube.


The trilogy was created at the studio «Videonics». Partners of the films: The Scientific and Production Association "Grace", the company Rahman Group and the company PROTOS &C.


Photos: provided by the organizers