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22.12.2016 | Елена Смирнова

The exhibition "Mexico and Russia. Plexus"

In December, the Gallery "Nagornaya" hosted an exhibition "Mexico and Russia. Plexus».


The project took place with the participation of the Embassy of Mexico in Russia as part of the international cultural exchange program between the two countries. The exhibition was dedicated to the diversity of Mexican traditions, facts from the history and culture of the country and their interweaving with the history of Russia. The exhibition presented a unique collection of art objects by Mexican masters and works of art by young designers of the Kosygin Russian State University (formerly MGUDT).

The exhibition aims to trace the key signs and symbols of Mexico, embodied in both modern Mexican and Russian design.
Authentic national clothes, dolls, accessories, photographs, videos, as well as the works of young project participants performed in various techniques became guides in the interweaving of images and symbols of the cultures of the two countries. They were selected on the basis of an open competition held at the Moscow State University of Design and Technology with the participation of Jorge Reynoso, cultural attache of the Embassy of Mexico in Russia, and Russian fashion industry experts. In the future, the work on the project will not stop there, and the creative educational institutions of Mexico will take the baton of the competition.



The central exhibits of the exhibition were expressive handmade costume complexes, including those with elements of modern design.
The exposition of the exhibition consisted of three independent parts. The first one was dedicated to the lifestyle of Mexicans, their traditional clothes and accessories. The second part of the exhibition introduced documentary photographs, films and videos. The author's works of students were presented in the third hall. There is also an interactive area for children.