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26.12.2018 | Альбина Весина

Socially? Effective!

The results of the regional stage of the competition "Russian organization of high Social Efficiency" were summed up in Volgograd. In the nomination «For the development of social partnership in the organizations of the production sector» the third place was taken by the company «Kamyshinsky Textile».



The task of the competition is to identify domestic companies that achieve high efficiency in solving social problems, study and disseminate their experience, and develop forms of social partnership. The competition is held in two stages at the regional and federal levels. In 2018, the competition was held in 16 nominations.


Criteria for admission to the competition:

  • the organization has been operating for at least three years;
  • the organization has no cases of fatal occupational injuries during the year preceding the competition;
  •     the organization does not have unremitted violations of labor legislation;
  •     the organization does not have undetected violations of migration legislation;
  •     in the organization, employees and the employer are not in a state of labor collective dispute;
  • the organization has no court decisions and lawsuits related to the violation of the labor rights of employees.

The winners of the regional stage were determined by the decisionVolgograd Regional Tripartite Commission for the Regulation of Social and Labor Relations. The seats between the candidates were distributed as follows:

  • I place – PAO «Volgogradenergosbyt»;
  • II place – LLC «Lukoil – Volgogradneftepererabotka»;
  • III place – LLC «Kamyshinsky Textile».

Source: "Kamyshinsky Textile"