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08.04.2019 | Альбина Весина

Sher Day 2019 Conference

On April 23, Moscow will host I International Conference on Sharing Economy Sher Day 2019. The Center for Digital Leadership, the largest digital space in Europe, will gather more than 500 guests: founders and first persons of sharing services and marketplaces, marketing and development strategy directors of major Russian and international companies, leaders in the field of corporate social responsibility, heads of government agencies, opinion leaders and journalists. The organizer of the conference is   crowdsourcing service «Cher!», helping people to share cool goods and services without money.
Sher Day 2019 Conference
The sharing economy has changed many industries in Russia and the world over the past decade, from the car market (according to UBS, Moscow is the second city in the world in terms of the number of car-sharing cars) and the hotel industry to the personal belongings and personal services market. Mission Sher Day 2019 - formation of a culture of conscious consumption and dissemination of the world's best practices of sharing in our country.
Sher Day 2019 Conference
Key topics of Sher Day 2019: overview of the state and forecasts of the development of the sharing economy in Russia and the world; in the impact of the growth of the sharing economy on the market share of traditional business, opportunities for synergy, lobbying of interests; opportunities for conducting private business on sharing platforms, volumes and prospects, taxation of the self-employed; assessment of the quality of services and the condition/authenticity of used goods in sharing ecosystems; personal safety and security of property, identity recognition and verification technologies., secure payments, consumer protection; startups in the field of sharing economy: what they have prospects, constraints and barriers to entry?
Sher Day 2019 Conference
TIME magazine named sharing (or "sharing economy") one of the global trends "designed to change the world". Generation Z is willing to pay for the opportunity to use a thing without purchasing it, and quickly get almost any service. For young consumers, freedom, impressions and new experiences are important, they are not so attached to property and have a positive attitude to the secondary market and things for rent. Millennials (Generation Y) with wealth above average the idea of sharing attracts environmental friendliness, reasonable consumption, which is included in the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the opportunity to communicate and share with other people. The world's largest brands launch collaborations with sharing projects. So, IKEA offers its customers in Europe and Russia to use the services of on-demand sharing services (TaskRabbit and YouDo), where you can hire a master to assemble furniture.
Sher Day 2019 Conference
The Sher Day 2019 program differs from traditional industry conferences, where the audience gets acquainted with well-known implemented cases. The organizers gathered large companies from different industries to give a 360-degree look at the economy of the future, and focused on live panel discussions with market leaders and pitches of sharing startups. The expert jury of the pitch session, including representatives of the FRII, The Untitled ventures, The Rybakov Fund and other venture funds, will comment on the chances of young companies to invest and share their experience.
Sher Day 2019 Conference
Speakers: Garrett Johnson – ex-Marketing Director of MTS, Rusnano and X5 Retail Group; Dmitry Bykov – Design Director «Yandex.Market» Danila Medvedev – host «Programs for the future», channel «Russia-2» Denis Kutergin Founder of the YouDo service; Maxim Uvarov Head of eBay B2B marketing in Russia, Israel and emerging markets in Europe; Natalia Beneslavskaya – Head of IKEA's Sustainable Development Department in Russia; Andrey Barkovsky – Head of PR Department «Avito» Mukhit Seidakhmetov – CEO of sharing services «Delimobil», «Delisamokat», Anytime; Andrey Budarin – Head of the Department of Operational Control of the Federal Tax Service of Russia; Mikhail Petrov Director of the Digital Transformation Department at the Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation; Denis Kochergin Managing Partner of the Masters Fair Mikhail Sorokin – founder of the service «Helper. Alexandra Dorf – founder of the service and others.
Date: April 23, 2019
Venue: SAP Digital Leadership Center at the address: 52/7 Kosmodamianskaya nab.,
Participation in the conference is free of charge.


Photos provided by the organizers.