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07.03.2018 | Альбина Весина

Sales Secrets: Visual merchandising

The course "Visual merchandising" is devoted to the theory and practice of the presentation of fashion collections. Schools BE IN OPEN. Project BE IN OPEN – these are not only educational courses, but also an annual Forum, which gathers professionals from different spheres of the fashion industry on one platform. Discussion of trends and problems, interesting meetings, exchange of experience and cases with the best specialists in their fields create an environment conducive to the development of enterprises, as well as the emergence of new names and brands, and are especially important for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.


Course Leader – Maxim Anufrienko, Head of the Visual merchandising Department of the Moscow TSUM. Maxim's professional luggage includes working with the brands Ralph Lauren, H&M, ZARA, Gloria Jeans, MODIS and O'STIN.


In this article, we will consider the construction of a retail space and the steps that can turn your store into an ideal one. Understanding the goals and laws will allow you to overcome common superficial ideas about the possibilities of visual merchandising (VM) and competently apply its methods in practice.



Visual merchandising as a professional activity

Visual merchandising is a professional activity for the management of goods and categories, including the placement of supplies in the trading floor, as well as redistribution between departments and stores.

VM is a sales tool that can influence the behavior of store visitors and stimulate purchases. The creative activity of merchandisers is aimed at achieving commercial results and increasing revenue and money turnover.

In their activities, merchandisers interact with different departments, for example, architectural and analytical, buying and management departments, eliminating in practice various problems related to procurement, construction defects and deficiencies. In this case, dialogue, discussion and correction of possible errors are important. The work of the merchandiser visualizes the entire range and represents the result of the activities of many specialists. It should be evaluated according to well-known standards established in the company, and not in accordance with the opinion of "like" or "dislike".

Maxim Anufrienko



Cvisual merchandising products

The main goal of VM – increase sales – is connected with other tasks, namely, the creation of an attractive image of the product, the formation and distribution of customer flows, the promotion of certain product categories depending on the season and time of year, the support of seasonal promotions and sales.

The direction of the flow of customers along the path chosen by the merchandiser allows you to focus on the product that is being promoted at the moment. So, in winter, with the help of VM, customers' attention is focused on outerwear and accessories, in summer on T-shirts, shorts, swimwear and beach accessories. The correct presentation of the collection demonstrates the advantages of categories and individual products, for example, showing embroidery or scuffing on jeans, a pattern on the back of a jacket, etc. The movement of visitors is formed due to a set of measures that depend, among other things, on the area and layout of the trading floor.



Read more about the basic techniques and laws of visual merchandising in the February issue of the magazine Fashion magazin.


Text: Elena Varnina

Photo: shutterstock