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23.11.2023 | Нина Конская

Rethinking content and advertising in the new era of fashion: how to adjust to changes in customer needs

In a world where fashion is undergoing a kind of transformation, Russian fashion brands are faced with the need to radically change their approach to creating content and advertising.It is important to understand which elements attract the attention of consumers today and how to use them effectively.

New content requirements.

1. Authenticity and brand history:modern buyers are looking not just for beautiful clothes, but also for the story behind each product. Talk about your brand, its roots, mission and values.

2. High-quality photos and videos: visual content must be of high quality. Attractive and clear images and professional videos are the key to success.

3. Inclusivity and Diversity: a model range reflecting the diversity of the audience. Models of different ages, sizes and ethnic groups make the brand more attractive and accessible.

4. Modern Lookbooks:lookbooks should be not just clothing catalogs, but also sources of inspiration. They should be stylized correctly, tell a story and show clothes in context.

Reflection of changes in the market

The total change of image in the fashion industry affects all aspects - from design to marketing. Brands that catch this wave are becoming more competitive and attractive to a new generation of buyers. Special attention is paid to sustainability and environmental friendliness, which should also be reflected in advertising materials.

Criteria For Improving Content

1. Target audience orientation: understanding your consumer will help you create more targeted and effective content.

2. Creating an emotional connection: content should evoke emotions, be it inspiration, joy or surprise.

3. Interactivity and social networks: active use of social networks to interact with the audience, the use of stories, reels and live broadcasts.

The importance of the Command

Every successful content update is backed by a team of professionals - from designers and marketers to photographers and SMM specialists. Investing in a team is investing in the future of the brand.A strong, motivated and creative team is able to bring new life to content and advertising, make them more attractive and effective.

Today, Russian fashion brands are facing a challenge - to transform their image and ways of interacting with the audience. Success in this new landscape requires not only a change in visual content, but also a deep understanding of the changing needs and preferences of buyers. Investing in high-quality content, a professional team and innovative marketing strategies will allow brands not only to survive, but also to thrive in this new era of fashion.

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