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14.05.2019 | Наталья Кулагина

In designers with New Names Belarus Fashion Week

Young designers Competition New Names Belarus Fashion Week – this is an effective project for authors and artists starting their way. Over the past seasons, many designers have gone through creative formation in fashion, who subsequently founded their own brands and successfully sell their collections both in Belarus and abroad. The competition was the start of a career for such brands as ZIBRA (Alexandra Zhuk), Zabelina (Anna Zabelina), Tanya Tur (Tatiana Tur), KOSTROMA (Natalia Kostroma-Andreyuk), Daria Hajduk, Yulia Demidovich, Anastasia Vasyuchenko, Agata Karobka and many other promising names of young Belarusian fashion. 



The main theme of the new season of the competition will beSUSTAINABLE FASHION responsible fashion is clothing, shoes and accessories that are manufactured, sold and used in the most conscious way from an ecological and socio-economic point of view.



Several categories are announced in the competition program: 

  • eco-friendly collections, that is, clothing created from eco-friendly materials and in compliance with ethical production methods;
  • clothing made from local raw materials, materials produced on the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
  • clothing created using traditional technologies using manual labor;
  • clothing suitable for long-term use and subject to redesign;
  • clothes that you have updated stylistically using decor, embroidery, refinement (secondhand, vintage fashion); 
  • clothing, the design of which bears a manifesto on the preservation of cultural values, is involved in historical facts, is aimed at strengthening the social responsibility of citizens, preserving ethnic heritage;
  • custom-made clothing for special groups of the population (people with disabilities). 


Both designers and stylists and all those who plan to associate their profession with fashion and fashion design can become participants of the competition. 

The jury, which will provide participants with mentoring assistance, includes:


  • Yanina Goncharova– founder and head of Belarus Fashion Week, Chairman of the Association of Designers «Belarusian Chamber of Fashion» 
  • Olga Barabanshchikova owner and designer of the brand Candy Lady, animal rights activist;
  • Polina Voronova designer of eco-friendly brand Historia Naturalis;
  • Martin Roberts   head of the international project for the promotion of fashion pioneers FASHION SCOUT– the largest and most authoritative project in the UK to promote young talents within the framework of London Fashion Week, who will exclusively attend the show of young talents in Minsk. 



The winner will receive the main prize of 1000 BYN, participation in Belarus Fashion Week and wide fame as the brightest debutant designer of 2019. The final show of the finalist designers and the announcement of the winner will take place as part of the Fashion Idea Festival on June 22, 2019. 


The organizer of the contest    The Belarusian Chamber of Fashion     is actively engaged in promoting brands and providing consulting services to them. The extensive experience of the team, frequent business trips to leading fashion events in Europe and Asia, allow you to use the most advanced PR tools in your work and follow the trends and strategies of your foreign colleagues.

The organization invites ambitious designers and stylists who want and can create clothes that our planet needs to participate. 



To participate, you need:


fill out an application for site;

come with ideas to the Sketch Tour, which will take place in Minsk on May 26, at 12:00.


Photos: provided by the organizers