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27.11.2017 | Наталья Кулагина

Restaurants will appear on the upper floors of the Central Department Store

In the Trading House TSUM it is planned to open four restaurants on the fifth and sixth floors of the department store, thus assuming to attract more visitors, the newspaper writes "Vedomosti".


The trading houseTSUM will open four restaurants on the fifth and sixth floors, the report says. Two joint restaurants and a bar will open Arkady Novikov (Novikov Group), Boris Zarkov (White Rabbit Family) andIlya Tyutenkov (restaurants «Ugolek», Pinch and Uilliam’s and «Northerners»), specified the interlocutors «Vedomosti». With three restaurateurs TSUMhas already signed a contract. All openings are scheduled for spring 2018.



The co-owner of the restaurants "Berezka", "strong"Dina Khabirova is also planning to open the establishment.This is a joint project with the founder of Buro 24/7,"strong"Miroslava Duma. Khabirova's establishment in the Central Department Store is also due to open in the spring. The restaurateur refused to talk about the details of the place, only noting that the upper floors of the Central Department Store are a wonderful location with a huge summer veranda and a view of the center of Moscow.



The parties do not disclose the size of the investment, and also the format of the institutions. According to experts, we can talk about the amount of about 1 billion rubles. With this, restaurants can turn a shopping mall from an expensive department store for shopping into a place of pastime, and also contribute to further strengthening loyalty and attracting new customers. The reception will allow TSUm not only to get additional traffic, but also to increase the time that visitors spend here, as well as the average check.